San Benito’s Victoria plans new EP, American Idol audition

Madelyn Victoria

Madelyn Victoria

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Country singer-songwriter Madelyn Victoria Vallejo—better known as her stage name, Madelyn Victoria—is no stranger to the spotlight, but the next two weeks look especially bright for the Valley’s songbird as she plans to release her most recent EP and audition for the reality show, American Idol.

August 16 marks the official album release party for Madelyn’s EP, Madelyn Victoria. The 5-song EP is the songwriter’s sophomore recording effort. “I released my first EP a few years ago, mostly for the Valley,” said Madelyn. “This next (EP) is for all of Texas!”

After her Aug. 16 concert, slated to transpire at the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings Stadium in Harlingen, Madelyn will have just a little over a week to prepare for an advanced round of American Idol (AI) auditions in New Orleans. The show’s producers are “telling me auditions will probably be August 23–25. There will be two (auditions) If I pass through…I will go in front of Keith Urban,” exclaimed an excited Madelyn.

Madelyn said she has been “going through these rounds of (AI) auditions since the beginning of May.” Some AI contestants go to large, open call auditions. Madelyn said she “got cast for (another reality show called) Rising Star, and they suggested me to American Idol.” This way, she was able to bypass the huge open calls.

“A lot of people have given me a lot of positive feedback,” said Madelyn of her experience in the music industry. “But you never know with TV, whether they’ll like you. I’m not going to let (AI) make or break me…but I feel really great about it. It’s just another step in my career. It may seem pretty big, but these are just the steps I need to take. I’ve been in the Valley a long time doing KTEX (radio events) and opening up for concerts. I’m ready to spread out.”

And that’s just what Madelyn plans to do after finishing up the next round of AI auditions. She said, “Depending on the American Idol (schedule) and dates, I’ll schedule a radio tour around those dates.”

Madelyn said that her newest single, “Wild Ride,” is already receiving “radio play (on) KTEX. I have been getting downloads on iTunes. My next single coming up will be, ‘He only Loves Me on the Dance Floor.’ I’ve got about 10 radio stations already in contact with me (to play my songs), and there’s gonna be more!”

After the AI audition, Madelyn said she plans to visit Nashville. The singer recently returned from Nashville where she played several shows and said she made some “good musical connections.”

“It gets harder,” said Madelyn, of climbing the ladder to musical success, “but my family is a really great support system. As long as I have them beside me, I know it’s just gonna get even better to the next level… and I couldn’t do this without my Lord and Savior. What seems impossible is totally possible with God, and He opens so many doors for me along with everyone else who has helped me.”

Between now and then, the busy songstress invites one-and-all to her album release party at WhiteWings Stadium. Gates open at 7 p.m. Opening for Madelyn will be Eddie Saenz as well as Joe Vega and Midnight Run. “Tickets are $10,” Madelyn said, “but $5 of every ticket (sold) will go to benefit Maggie and Monica’s House in San Benito and Brownsville,” a charity dear to the singer’s heart. She added, “Also, the money I’ll be making will help me get gas money to go out (to New Orleans) for the audition.”

Additionally, on Aug. 31, Madelyn will be among several artists performing at a free Labor Day Concert at Clayton’s on South Padre Island.


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