Arson cases remain open; more arrests pending

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The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office confirmed on Monday that investigators have yet to close nearly 20 cases of arson in Rio Hondo, some of which date back to January 2014.

The arresting agency, the Cameron County Fire Marshal’s Office, has thus far apprehended Richard Guajardo, Daniel Davis, Alexander Benavidez and Demetrio Hernandez for said crimes. Both Davis and Benavides were volunteer firefighters with the Rio Hondo Fire Department.

According to Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Humberto Barrera, “Just four arrests have been made.”

Indicating that more suspects exist who have not yet been identified or apprehended, Barrera said, “More arrests are expected.”

Barrera said, “Between 16 and 18 structures in the Rio Hondo area have been investigated,” with regard to possible arson. “They are open investigations… We have submitted evidence to the lab, and we’ve gotten some results but not all.” he added.

As per the DA’s office, there is no update involving the arraignment or sentencing of Guajardo, Davis, Benavidez or Hernandez. The cases, which were submitted to the DA’s office in May, remain in intake.


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