CHEER DRAMA: T-shirt controversy leads to physical altercation reported at SBHS pep rally

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Courtesy photo The image shown was printed on a t-shirt worn by certain members of the San Benito High School varsity cheerleaders and their parents, but it has also been the cause of much controversy within the cheer ranks.

Courtesy photo
The image shown was printed on a t-shirt worn by certain members of the San Benito High School varsity cheerleaders and their parents, but it has also been the cause of much controversy within the cheer ranks.

Controversy stemming from a dispute over a t-shirt erupted into a physical altercation at the San Benito High School pep rally on Friday between a varsity cheerleader and a parent.

Colleen Duncan, 52, confirmed on Tuesday that she has filed a report with the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Police Department involving an incident that took place at the Oct. 11 pep rally. Duncan, whose daughter is a senior on the SBHS varsity cheerleading squad, alleged that another senior cheerleader, Alexandria Hernandez, accosted her by grabbing her t-shirt.

“She just came up, grabbed me by the shirt and told me that because of my shirt I caused her to have cancer,” Duncan said about the pep rally incident. “She was using the f-word all over, and she was shaking and had her fingers in my face … just screaming at me. I wasn’t touching her, I wasn’t engaging her, and when my husband said, ‘Someone come get her away from my wife,’ that’s when the girl’s uncle said not to touch her.”

The t-shirt in question, according to Duncan, has been the source of much controversy within the cheer ranks due to its picture, which shows 10 senior members of the squad. Other cheer parents who spoke under anonymity said that Hernandez finds the article of clothing offensive since she is not pictured. Duncan, however, said there was no malicious intent in her alleged aggressor not being included in the photograph.

“She thinks the picture portrays the seniors without her in it, it’s not that at all,” Duncan said of the cheerleader in question, remarking further that the girls shown in the picture are 10 seniors who knew each other since freshmen year and decided to make a t-shirt acknowledging as much.

Noe Treviño, who said he is Hernandez’ uncle and advocate, sees it differently.

“This happened close to the beginning of August,” Treviño said about when tensions escalated. “That picture has 10 girls in the picture and they left Alexandria out, so to me they’re discriminating against her for leaving her out. But they’ve always been very mean and very ugly with her. They don’t tell her what time practices are. It kind of seems in many ways (as a way) for her to get discouraged and quit the team.

“Nothing would have happened Friday if they would have stopped it since day one, but to make it worse the cheerleaders were wearing the shirts on the campus today (Tuesday). Not only have they been harassing her but they’ve been bullying her. She has tumors in her body and has two in her head, and this is causing her a lot of stress.”

This isn’t the first controversial situation involving the t-shirt. Duncan added that her husband, Robert Duncan, 45, decided to get the t-shirts made after she said SBCISD and high school officials refused the use of the picture in this year’s football program and also as a sponsorship on the Bobby Morrow Stadium scoreboard.

Matters escalated when Duncan wore the t-shirt to Friday’s pep rally as SBCISD police officers had to intervene in the altercation, escorting all those involved outside.

Although Duncan reported the incident to SBCISD police, she said the “school” asked that she not file charges yet.

“I went today to the high school and filed a statement, but the school wants me to wait to see what happens before I file charges,” Duncan said Tuesday. “If they don’t do something about it, that’s my plan, is to file charges.”

SBCISD Interim Superintendent Alfonso Obregón said that SBHS Principal Henry Sanchez and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Celeste Z. Sanchez are researching the matter.

“One little girl was allowed to try out for the squad, and somewhere along the line modifications were made by the special ed(ucation) department for her to participate, and so she participated,” Obregón said when asked about Hernandez, who has a prosthetic leg. “The ultimate result was that she was allowed to become a cheerleader again, and there’s been a continuation of discontent by other parties, parents, some of the girls and the child herself. But in order to keep harmony, Mr. Sanchez has been trying to not have the team divide or fall apart.”

“Something happened at the pep rally where a certain group of parents were wearing t-shirts that had to do with cheerleaders,” Obregón continued. “And evidently they took a photograph and chose not to include that youngster, a handicap child.”

Obregón said the district’s Special Education attorney has advised hiring a mediator due to “so many different points of view.” “It’s in the best interest of the school, kids and parents that we get a mediator that knows special ed(ucation) law to just come in and talk to everyone and offer recommendations.”

In the meantime, SBCISD Community Relations Director Celia Longoria issued the following statement in response to media inquiries.

“San Benito CISD is reviewing the allegations and addressing the specific concerns with the individuals involved. The district takes these types of allegations very seriously, and as such, is working diligently to resolve the matter in question. In keeping with San Benito CISD’s strict adherence to students’ and families’ right to privacy, the district is unable to provide further details and/or comment about the individual allegations and incidences in question.”

The San Benito News has filed a public information request with the school district seeking the front page of Duncan’s report, which is public record.

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  1. To the individual who attempted to comment as Colleen Duncan: impersonation will not be tolerated on this website. Understand that your comment was deleted due to your attempts to falsely portray Mrs. Duncan as a person who discriminates against the handicap.

    To all: Anonymity will obviously be upheld for those who wish to comment under a handle/username, but if found to be an impostor then expect your comments to be promptly deleted.

    • RUBEN SANCHEZ on October 22, 2013 at 5:01 pm
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    Shame on ALL who wore this controversial T-Shirt. Shame on the Duncans to help incite this matter. I just cant see how this would support the Cheerleaders or School for that matter. Im sure there is 2 sides to this story. But as Adults, this should have never happened.

    • yoohoo on October 21, 2013 at 8:49 pm
    • Reply

    Pages are sold in the football program for anyone to purchase, these are for personal pictures of any kind be it cheerleading, band football players ect. None of this would have been an issue if the school would have back up this tradition and published this picture in the program instead of tearing it out of every book, that is what gave this girl and her dad and uncle the fuel they needed to ignite this situation that is blown out of the water. How one page in a book can be called bullying is beyond me, this is alot of drama that could have been avoided. And just to point out, alot of these comments towards the rest of these cheerleaders sound alot like bullying. It is sad without all this news coverage, this would have probley been over by now.

    • student enlightener on October 21, 2013 at 10:22 am
    • Reply

    i will have you know that if Alex is SUCH an inspiration, WHY didn’t she dress up today for Spirit Week (which is by the way MANDATORY FOR ALL CHEERLEADERS AND BELLES TO DRESS OUT TO SHOW SPIRIT) Today is Blast From The Past Monday but is she dressed up? No. Students and parents, pay attention to all of your fellow cheerleaders who ARE indeed dressed out and spent money for these outfits yet she doesn’t feel obligated to because……? If she’s so “spirited and inspirational”, why isn’t she showing it? did anyone ever consider the fact that she only cheers or participates when she WANTS to or FEELS like it?

      • student enlightener or stalker? on October 21, 2013 at 2:57 pm
      • Reply

      At 10:22 am, shouldn’t you be concentrating on your school work instead of focusing on another student’s mode of dress? Maybe all these negative comments have killed her spirit? Do you really expect someone to feel included, “spirited and inspirational” when her entire team has turned against her so publicly?

      Your post, student enlightener, is closer to harassment than enlightening.

        • speaking of stalker.... on October 21, 2013 at 6:28 pm
        • Reply

        Ever stop to think it WASN’T a student who posted that?

          • stalking Alex? on October 22, 2013 at 7:27 am
          • Reply

          Thought had occurred to me it could be a teacher. Or a parent who received a text from a child-student, or a parent who saw how she was dressed entering school.

          In any case, Alex’s every action seems to be watched and scrutinized to the point of harassment and stalking. Your posts do more to prove Alex is the victim of bullying than disprove her claim.

            • speaking of stalker.... on October 22, 2013 at 9:58 am
            • Reply

            See that’s where you’re wrong. People have just grown so tired of her antics that they’re ignoring her and trying to distance themselves from her behavior. It’s her own fault that she feels alienated. It’s not bullying when people don’t want to hang out with an individual because of their negative attitude.

        • listen here!!! on October 22, 2013 at 10:24 am
        • Reply

        To student enlightener or stalker?, have you ever stopped to think how the other girls feel about this?! They have been bullied at school, around town and through social networking because of this little girl. She is telling everyone lies to make her story sound as sad as possible. AND YOU ARE FALLING FOR THE TRAP! You dont think that all these negative comments have killed their spirit? They still come to school, still participate in cheer class and they dress out for homecoming week. Where is she at? She leaves half way during the day or she just doesnt come at all. These 10 girls are extremely strong to still come to school and show that they still have spirit after all this drama.

    • Enlightended on October 19, 2013 at 4:51 pm
    • Reply

    Disabled or not disabled….. if the individual committed an assault, she needs to be held accountable. I’m sure that if Alexandra had been assaulted in such a manner, charges would have been filed within the hour. Her disability doesn’t excuse her from the law of the land. I’m sure that our local law enforcement has seen their fair share of disabled persons commit all sorts of offenses. Were they given preferential treatment?

    Administrators should enforce the student code of conduct fairly and across the board. I challenge any guardian of a special needs child to produce a law or document that allows a student to assault (verbally or physically) any other student or adult and be allowed to “get out of jail free.” No such thing exists.

    The only bullying going on in this situation is from the so called “victim” and her lawsuit threatening guardian uncle. And yes, this is a learned behavior. They got the results they wanted before, why would they change their tactics now? But now, I think that they’ve just cast a big spotlight on their actions and it has grown beyond their control. Now it is time to pay the piper his due. Let’s give San Benito another black eye, why not? As long as I get what I want, I don’t care….. That is the lesson to be learned from this example. But at what price? Parents, think carefully about what you show your children. Remember that they usually emulate what they see before them.

    As for the student in question, life is hard and life is not fair…. But you must deal with it…. There is coming a time very soon when crying discrimination and bullying will get you nowhere. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was put in place to make sure that students with disabilities were given a fair shake in the classroom. I think that this whole situation is a perfect example of how laws can be abused and taken advantage of for personal gain. What fair shake did the ten other girls get in the ValleyCentral news story? So really, who’s being bullied and discriminated against now?

    • Colleen Duncan on October 19, 2013 at 3:39 pm
    • Reply

    Who’s blasting who ? The ten or even 20 cheerleaders aren’t the ones causing the drama they didn’t go off to the media and say they were being bullied . They never even bullied anyone and how did that ever start we took a few picture with out her or the other 10 girls but what about all the pictures were with her in them? There’re a lot with the whole team, with just seniors, and just her. Is she a close friend? No but not for them not trying. She separates herself we barley need to even see her she’s shows up when she want and for as long as she went if fact she can do what ever she wants. She’s the bully, we all had the right to buy pages in the program and what we do with them is up to us or it always has been. Alex has her pages with the pictures she want on them we didn’t even get to see them till they came our we didn’t complain so now all of you think these ten girls are so bad that you all have made their lives miserable and labeled them when they are mostly in the top of their class they are in clubs that do community service. Maybe you should just ge to know them before you cause them to be threaten and I and labeled bad girls. The whole team is good the parents of the ten girls just wanted to celebrate a friendship that was formed in the 9th great most before and they’ve hit some real hard times along the way to the point they didn’t speak to each other nor their parents but somehow this summer before and during camp these girls all came back together on they brought the parents back together and we decided to buy a page in the football program for them we paid $225 for that page and it was ours to do with as we wanted. Are these girls friends with her? She makes it very hard to be her friend but they don’t exclude her as she and he Uncls. Want everyone to believe. She never once complained last year and all ten were there. Just because the parents and their daughters want to do a friendship page now their bullies. Two girls birthdays were celebrated in the locker room after school Alex was offered a PEICE of cookie cake and she couldn’t decide if she wanted it or not and the coach said just take one you might want it later so she did and the coach said let’s sing happy birthday to them Alex looked at the coach and said then she didn’t want it then the coach asked her to sing with the rest of the girls she then but a ugly look on her face and stared at my daughter during the song and then walked off. Does this sound like someone you want in a friendship picture? You will say they mad her that way but that’s how she has ok ways been. Now take both side and decide who called the new and cried and put on a good act and who put on a good show and who had nothing to hide and showed who they were in their every day life!’

    • Colleen Duncan on October 19, 2013 at 7:16 am
    • Reply

    And no you couldn’t make that it would not be allowed our shirt did not say hey were missing a cheerleader and we think it’s funny, it was just a friend shirt everyone wears we got the idea for them at the pep rally and the game because we saw other ones. Why would I want a shirt that I had to watch wear I wore it, and this was not the first time the shirt was seen my husband made his and wore it to parents night and the pep rally that day. That is how people,saw it to start wanting them. So my husband told them were he bought it and got me one and they weren’t ready for the next game so the next which was last Friday we planned to wear them. I know the lady behind me had one on and Alex looked at it and went back to me I’m not sure who many were at the pep rally but I saw four at the game. Why wouldn’t we wear them there they are called “spirit shirt! And we got the approval from the main office did any of the other “spirit” shirts have to get approval? we went out to hurt no one but to celebrate these girl made it to their senior year as friends. Nothing more nothing less. I’d rather you come after me then my daughter so,if it makes you feel better then go for it. FYI more people bought the shirt. Wow I think I will spend money on a shirt and never wear it. It’s people like you who fell into Alex and her Uncles hands making the story bigger and bigger and worst for SB
    Sent from my iPad

    • Fred on October 19, 2013 at 1:26 am
    • Reply

    Umm yes there IS something wrong with this incident. IT has nothing to do with freedom of speech, besides where is it stated that it went against freedom of speech? or where does it fit in? The moral of this story is about a girl that is disabled and 10 young ladies are ignorant to be aware of it. People have no respect or morals when it comes to disabled HUMAN beings. My dad is disabled and my sister is disabled. It happens to the least people you expect to be disabled and be treated like NOTHING. Walk a mile in a disabled person and then come back and tell me the story. Just because someone that looks normal doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with them. This young lady has to live like this for her rest of her life, that we as normal abled body take for granted. It takes her twice the time to do normal things that WE take for granted. I dare you to blind fold yourself for one day to get around like normal and see where that will get you. Narrow minded…

      • Colleen Duncan on October 19, 2013 at 5:58 am
      • Reply

      Let’s start off with yes I have walked a mile and more in her shoes. I to am disabled I haven’t lost a leg as she did but almost lost my ankle and foot it will never be even 85% I’m half numb so I don’t have a lot of feeling. So when Alex went from one end of the gym cheering to the other end and about five bleacher up faster then I could have done so let me tell me my daughter would never bully someone much less someone a little like her mother. It takes me awhile and help to get five bleachers up and she flew up them as it would happen I fell getting to my seat tonight at the game. It’s not much fun. So first I can tell you this has nothing to do with being disable it’s just a way to get people to hear just one side of the story. She has used this in her short life to get what she wants. During summer camp we took lots of pictures and besides my daughter she is probably
      Y the second person in most of the pictures. When she saw the camera she was ready always getting in the front. It seems I needs to be printed to believed she is pictured with the group with the seniors, the girls how went to BC, and the girls with the trophies. In fact In every picture there always some one missing yet they have not complain. The football program the pages are for sale Alex has pages and we do t complain hat were not on her pages nor do we expect to be they are hers she paid for them there’s a long story witch comes with our page and I’ve said it many times but what matters is we paid for that page and they took our $225 it was ours to do what we want with in the school guidelines we took the pictures on our own the coach had pictures taken in uniform with all 21 girls and one with this the seniors including her. So this was our picture our page no where did it say seniors or cheerleaders. It was ours to do as we wanted but when Alex heard of this page she got mad and had it pulled for no other reason then she felt discriminated why because she wasn’t their close friend. Yes this upset the girls they had been waiting a long time for this picture even before Alex was a cheerleader. She also told everyone she was going to ruin their senior year. My husband came up with the shirt sfter seeing others at the football game he took the pictures. With the saying and made a shirt. He wore it everyone liked it and decided they wanted one including meand even a sophomore girl. So when I and some others wore our shirts we were just watching the pep rally Alex ran up the bleacher grabbed my by thr shirt and started poking me with fingers in my face yelling and using the F-word. Now I’ve known Alex since she was in the fourth grade and had never seen her like that but as I’d worked for the school in the past I knew I couldn’t touch her. This is where freedom of speech comes in. While she is saying my shirt gave her cancer and she had the fifth constructional amendment ” I looked at her and said my shirt can’t cause you cancer and that I had the first. She just kept repeting the fifth but I think she ment the first finally my husband asked someone to please get her away from his wife and when someone tried her Uncle said don’t touch her leave her alone and that when my husband yelled at the Uncle. He didn’t care she was out of control and needed help he just want her to push me into touching her. Where is his compatiom for his niece? Why am I the bad person why are these girls bad girls? I didn’t go to the paper or the TV stations and turn these girls into monsters. These girls are caring most are at the top of their class they are in many clubs they do community service and even helped with a fundraiser for a child with cancer that Alex didn’t even go to. She can’t say they never tell her about times and places because they all have fifth period cheer together and that’s where the most practice is at and if they need more they are asked to stay late after school or told to come in the morning, see if she wasn’t on her phone or iPad or just leave durning class she would know with the rest times and places. She excludes herself so people will feel sorry for her these good have tried before all last year to be friends help her ome om one but she’s the one that always pulls away. If thing wear so bad why were their any complaints last year? Please get to know both sides before you judge them they two too are just girls people are hurting they are hurting 20 because they think they hurt one, you see our team is 21 girls on our team and they are a team that has friendships mixed in that’s all no one set out to hurt anyone. I ask you to walk in their shoes!

    • Selena on October 18, 2013 at 9:31 pm
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    I think it would be great if you would be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader ! What an inspiration ! I think you should put your story on CNN. Nite Nite Go Cowboys !

      • GetAClue on October 19, 2013 at 1:15 am
      • Reply

      Really? I mean really? Do you have an exact clue of what is occurring. Look at tonites game against the Mchi Bulldogs. She was there for at the most ,if gracious, 1.5 quarters. I was sitting on the north side of the stadium, and thought I would peek over to see what was actually occurring. She was sitting most of the time eating or just walking away from the group completely. I did not see her, as someone put it, sitting down and relaxing her leg. She is handicap. there is no question about that. She might or might not have cancer. No one except her immediate family know, due to her not mentioning it before. She did not have to, but just saying. She says bullying has been going on for two years, but waited for a shirt, before she complained. Something stinks, and it ain’t the nachos at the McHi concession stand. Which were expired by the way. Again it goes back to the same thing 1) two sides to the story 2) someone taking advantage of there situation. Oh by the way, there are other children in cheer, band and such that have disabilities that are not being used to cry wolf with.
      *Hope this meets your level of education, educator.
      *Also Greyhounds….You guys were robbed. Two touchdowns taken would have won the game. You got it in you to win, Just want it more then them.

    • Selena on October 18, 2013 at 9:26 pm
    • Reply

    Alexandria, keep informing the public of the bullying, it could save a life ! You truly inspire so many. Everyone in the valley supports you and thinks these people are rotten to the core. what a shame someone would do such a violation of emotional abuse. Remember what goes around , comes around. Show us your beautiful smile ! Cheer hard and loud. Feel sorry for mean people, you will go farther in life ! May live in SB, but my kids will go from College Bound Idea to Harlingen South. Long live class, unity, and success ! GOOD NIGHT YOU SWEET INSPIRATIONAL GIRL WITH TRUE BEAUTY. SWEET DREAMS AND PEACE TO THE HATERS!

      • A Student on October 19, 2013 at 1:50 pm
      • Reply

      You are misinformed. You must be watching the news which was only showing one sided. You must not be a student because if you knew she is the bullier. She has many times run over kids with her wheelchair. She yells at us. She has harassed many teachers and uses her disability to her advantage which she is doing now. She uses her disability to get sympathy and to get away with many things. I hear her so called Uncle Noe also harasses the public to get his way. I wonder where she gets that from??

      • Colleen Duncan on October 20, 2013 at 9:23 pm
      • Reply

      Yes KARMA love it and beleive in it. All Alex’s meaness is coming out. You watch a one sided new cast and think this has to be true. The turth is this has nothing to do with handicap or bulling! If she had two legs she still wouldn’t have been in that personal picture paid for by the parents to show excacly what the saying says

      “Sometimes food things fall apart so better things can fall together”

      That’s what the shirt is about they were good friends for a long time then something happen and most didn’t talk to each other. Then out of no where these ten girls were all friends again. They also brought their parents back to being friends. They are a close squad this year has been different then everyother year. They are even very close to the JV squad. Do any of you remember the JV doing the pep rallies? or being on the fiild with the varsity? I’ve never seen it. When they came home from camp they felt like family. Maybe then Alex didn’t feel special enough? Last year she sat more then she did anything she didn’t even dance with them. This year she wanted to and she has. She is never left out all 21 of the girls do everything that the other does. This picture is a celabration of what these ten girls have done. It was not bulling it was not about leaving her out. If she wants a picture with her in it all she has to do is ask i have a lot of them. This is on the side none of the other girls are on it either. She is the one who goes off and sits by herself, they don’t tell her she can’t do anything.. Our girls are not bullies and never have been but now they are being bullied be people who should know better, thoses that chose to write theses mean comments. They have be threaten bodily harm. Would you want that for your child because the wanted a friendship picture? This is not about bulling or about handicap. It’s about a girl who feels left out. Im sorry your not one of their old friends but you could try to be a new one. Thats something that you have to do no one else.

    • Selena on October 18, 2013 at 9:11 pm
    • Reply

    It is truly obvious these mothers of these girls are eager to isolate one girl. They made know the Golden Rule, but Colleen needs to set example. I cant imagine anyone having a heart to do something so despicable. So wrong on any level. Colleen, please stop all this bullying and division in the community. Forgive the little girl, your are a grown woman in her sixties , she is what seventeen. You have brought such a damper on the cheerleaders and please don’t mess with the band. You are trying to bring down the morale of the band too? Have you ever considered moving to someplace where this bullying is not accepted.

      • The Other Side on October 19, 2013 at 1:37 pm
      • Reply

      Selena, As one of the parents, I have to disagree with you. We have never isolated Alexandra, in fact it has been the opposite. Alexandra excludes herself from many practices and events. Example there was at Rio Hondo an event in support of a fellow cheerleader with cancer. Alexandra choose not to attend and when asked why her response was “Why should I” and went on by asking “why they had never made any fundraiser for her”. This was the first time we had heard she had cancer.
      Also if you have ever been to a football game you will see SHE never attempts to engage with the other girls and 3/4th of the game she is either with her father or sitting out eating.
      Another example was at cheer camp. She was provided, free of charge, a room for her and her fathers, which she stayed and NOT with the other cheerleaders. Here the other cheerleaders had that bonging experience which gave them the opportunity to become sisters.
      So Selena, we have not isolated her. She did that herself.

      • The Other Side on October 19, 2013 at 1:54 pm
      • Reply

      Could not help but notice I put Bonging. Lol, I meant Bonding. Shoot if they were bonging, they would all get along. Including the U.C.A. staff. Ha Ha I think the parent s can do with a little bonging also. Sorry cant help it, this is too funny. Cant stop laughing.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 20, 2013 at 10:12 pm
      • Reply

      You Salena are trying to make this all my fault and if it helps you sleep at night that gook Just know I have never hurt a child. I met Alex back when she was in the forth grade so I know what I’m dealing with. The Band was brought in by someone else not me I just said they are not one big happy family. How can I say that? I’ve been told by more than one person and some from the ones she stands by. Plus did you over look that one that you call a Bully is in the marching band! so how could they be one big happy family when one of the bullies is in their family. And no the Uncle is trying to bring it to the band too then will people think different? after all were just cheerleaders. Alex has been forgiven by me many times over the years. even when one of the feet she has ran over were my daughters. This has nothing to do with bulling or disability. Why does she feel left out? she will probabley be a senior next year, not one of the other girls on the team felt left out. One even brought a shirt. So why am I the bad guy? This was the second time one of these shirts have been worn at the pep rally and game. What about a mom sitting right behind me with the same shirt on? Alex saw her too but she chose to come after me. Her Unlce I’m sure wanted me to touch her if he didn’t why didn’t he go to her and give her a hug? She was upset and shaking what person lets their family do that. When my husband asked someone to come get her he told them to leave her alone. Why maybe it was a act but if she was that upset he should of got her and hugged her. I had no plans to do anything about it but since they couldn’t controll her they made me leave I know this because I asked. When I found out they took me out and left my own daughter looking on crying asking how could they let her talk to her mom that way. Alex didn’t show up when it was time for the cheerleader to leave but while they were warming up Alex came and it up set my daughter again, because it’s in our constitution that you can’t act like that it’s ground to have her kicked off the team. Any other girl would have been. Then Alex went to the media and started all this saying we were bulling her because she’s handicap that was it she went to far. First she is not bullied and second even if she had a leg she wouldn’t have been in that picture. I have a lot of pictures taken from camp and Alex is in a lot of them. She was not left out along with the other girls just so we could bully them. It was something personal and nice. Next I too am handicapped no I’m not missing a leg, but it took the help of two people to get me up on the bleachers and Alex ran up them with no problem. My daughter lives with my handicap and knows what I go through so why would she want to do that to someone else? Once again why am I to blame? I didn’t take the picture, I didn’t make the shirts, I wasn’t the only one wearing the shirts I think the last count sold was 20. I didn’t do any of those thing I was just a person her Uncle picked for her to unleash on. Had I not been a good person I’d be in jail right now. I think I handled my self right. I didn’t bring this on the cheerleader and none of the parents or grils think I have. Why doesn’t Alex just let them live in harmony? She has told anyone who will listen she will ruin their senior year and this is before the shirts. She is the one who went to the media, after she was told their is nothing wrong with the sirts. I’ll give her pictures if she wants one on a shirt? Each parent paid their part for the page in the program, as did each buy their own shirts. The crack about my age all I can say is I hope you sleep better or get some ready glasses. I would love to leave your after all you think it is YOUR TOWN but this is where my husbands job is here. He works and pays his taxes so were good. This will be the 3rd out of four kids that will graduate here in SB one left before his junior year because of the people here. One was a football player that had a great winning year. one was 2nd in her class and this one wants to be a cheerleader and it wasn’t given it she had to work for it alone with a lot other girls witch a lot who worked hard didn’t make it. While they were working hard she went around and said I’ll be on it any way my Uncle said so. How many feeling did she hurt. There was to be no more to this story except what the school did, but now with her going to the media and having unfair names throw at her and threats, Yes I pressed charges someone need to let her and her Uncle know that they can’t bully everyone around forever.

    • ElPrietoGuapo on October 18, 2013 at 6:05 pm
    • Reply

    Mr and Mrs Duncan,
    I would like your permission to wear a shirt with the picture to the football game, I believe in FREEDOM of SPEECH. Please check your inbox in your email and respond with approval.

    • Denny Crane, Jr. on October 18, 2013 at 4:49 pm
    • Reply

    It is 5:00 pm!

    Everybody turn off your computers, IPADS, smart phones and go outside and have a good weekend!!

    “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.”

    by Hunter S. Thompson

    • sarah on October 18, 2013 at 4:34 pm
    • Reply

    EDUCATOR why are you replying to the author of “grow up alex” im sure whoever wrote that know that no one is perfect they never said that, before you tell someone to not point out any imperfections why are you pointing out theirs? this is a comment not a damn book i dont think you need to check for corrections. hahaha your probably a 30 year old, and your telling things to a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR. Get out of here. Please be kind and considerate of other yourself.

    • joevette on October 18, 2013 at 3:33 pm
    • Reply

    reply to just No

    just so you know she has never been excluded from any band function this is a real team always together.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 18, 2013 at 5:29 pm
      • Reply

      Really I think not! We have all heard the stories from band. Hinding her stuff, asking or telling her to leave so don’t act so perfect. Remember one of the ten is in the band.

    • N.M. on October 18, 2013 at 2:15 pm
    • Reply

    I am a former student at SBHS, and this has gone TOO far. I, as well as other students, support our cheerleaders and Mrs. Duncan on this whole “cheer drama!”
    This young lady, Alexandria, needs to get her crap together. Yes, we all understand that Alex is under this law that defends any incapacitated students but that clearly does not mean that Alex should take advantage of it. I have a friend who is under this same law and she does not take advantage of it the way Alex is doing. We also understand that Alex might feel left out, but the only one who is responsible for such, is her. These girls are the most decent cheerleaders we have had in SB – involved in their communities, get along with everyone, Top 10%, plus a few being in High-5. For Alex to be saying these girls are bullying her, it is unbelievable. She needs to grow up and stop.
    Students in SBHS have been targets of Alex: she herself is the bully, not the cheerleaders. She runs over people in the hallway, tells you off if she is not happy about how her day is going, insults the teachers, yet she is the victim of all this? No. Just no. Some of our soccer girls made a T-shirt last year and it was only 5 friends on the Varsity team. Did the rest of their team or friends on JV get mad or felt left out? No. They did not. They understood that those girls have been playing soccer for a while now and they wanted to make a shirt just to represent their passion for the sport and their friendship. Also, the SB Greyhound Football O-Line made a shirt. No one, NO ONE, got offended, nor did they feel left out. Alex is using this as a tool to get what she wants and that is not the correct thing to do. This T-shirt that she has being crying about were made about 9 to 10 weeks ago. Why not throw a fit then? She took it to the news and made herself look like a fool upon many of the SB residents who know how she and her “uncle” are. Why didn’t she mention that on last Friday’s pep rally she aggressively grabbed onto Mrs. Duncan’s shirt, screaming in her face she got cancer because of the shirt? Wow.
    Instead of just letting Alexandria talk and get the attention, I think the cheerleaders or anyone from SBHS should be heard. There are always 2 versions of a story and only one has been heard.
    I’ve always been heartened by kids with disabilities but honestly I do not with Alexandria. I’m sorry but her personality is just a NO.

    • Anlm on October 18, 2013 at 2:04 pm
    • Reply

    I’m pretty sure I also have the right to make a shirt that says “all the cheerleaders at sbhs suck” buuuut I don’t do it. I think you lacked common courtesy AND a proper execution for those tees, ma’am(displaying the shirt)

    • Grow up Alex!!!! on October 18, 2013 at 9:33 am
    • Reply

    OMG alex is taking this to far coming out in the news with her uncle making a big scene over a t shirt that was made by 10 life long friends celebrating their friendship and their love of cheer. I personaly attend SBHS and im a senior this year also ive seen alex in the hall and shes really rude and when shes in her wheelchair she runs over peoples feet on purpose. ive meet most of the cheerleading squad and their are not bullys they are some of the nicest people ive ever met. alex is the one who is being the bully spreading rumors in school about the girls but why doesnt she say how she has special privlages inschool or how she assulted Mrs. Duncan at last weeks pep-rally including some of the other parents. the story shes saying is only benefiting her. if she really wanted to be treated like a human she wouldnt have been in the squad because she didnt make it the only reason shes their is beacuse she complained (like she always does for everything)she just needs to grow up and act like a human not some brat who uses her disability to her advantage. i wish the 10 cheerleadrs and mrs. duncan the best of luck dont stoop to her level and get some revenge on her because she does not deserve to be called a SBHS cheerleader

      • Educator on October 18, 2013 at 11:21 am
      • Reply

      You’re a SENIOR in HIGH SCHOOL?? As in, you MIGHT graduate next spring? Really?? OMG!

      Young person, for one who is on the verge of graduation, your command of the English language is offensive and rude to those who have tried to educate you over the past 11+ years. You should think twice in the future before labeling another person rude. It is my sincerest hope that, before you again look at others and point out their imperfections, you reread your submission and understand that no one is perfect and that you also have room for personal and educational growth. Evidently you have received special accommodations yourself over the years by teachers who overlooked your shortcomings when promoting you to the next grade. Please be kind and considerate of others.

        • Stupid on October 18, 2013 at 11:42 am
        • Reply

        As for the author of “grow up Alex” you are absolutely 100% correct. She is literal a horrible human being! And as for “educator” you probably have nothing else to do but bash a teenager on a comment that doesn’t need correct spelling or anything like that. This isn’t school! Why don’t you grow up and not talk down to a teenager. Be an adult. Some “educator” you are.

          • Educator on October 18, 2013 at 2:04 pm
          • Reply

          Stupid, is it? How appropriate.

            • Colleen Duncan on October 18, 2013 at 5:22 pm
            • Reply

            If all you see wrong is their english then the rest must be right! I hope your not my daughters teacher.

        • Get a life !!! on October 18, 2013 at 5:57 pm
        • Reply

        OMG educator for your information I’m in my schools top ten percent and I got commended performance on all my Taks test since I started taking them in the 3 rd grade and you sons like that teacher who thinks their better than everyone because they have a degree I bet that by the time I’m your age I’ll have a better job than you ever will and if you think your comment affects me it doesn’t because I have better things to do than argue with some lonely old hag who has too much time on their hands and mrs. Duncan and stupid thnks for the backup

          • Educator on October 18, 2013 at 6:57 pm
          • Reply

          Get a life !!!, that was much better! lmbo!!!

    • FruitLoop on October 18, 2013 at 8:07 am
    • Reply

    According to school employees, this Alex girl is not a saint. Stressed and getting sick because she is being bullied? She and her Uncle clearly bully school employees and use her disability to get their way. They use her disability in a threatening manner – she better be allowed to do this or that or else (take it to the press, file grievance, etc etc). How immoral! Past teachers at the middle school and high school level dreaded her because she was a brat. Nothing could ever be done because she and her uncle would threaten to make an ordeal about anything. Teachers were intimidated to ever say anything, to ever discipline her because of this. She has certain employees that help her to this date and the brat treats them like poop. The brat nags and complains and threatens and doesn’t cooperate to the point where the brat makes them do everything for her or else she will complain or cry and cry bully and threaten to make a publicity stunt like she is now. She’s pathetic. Her health is unfortunate, but her attitude, personality, and uncle are pathetic. To top it off, former principals had to put up with her nonsense as well. She is not being left out. She uses her situation as leverage and a bargaining chip. She clearly holds those she comes in contact with hostage. I applaud you Ms. Duncan for being the first to finally stand up to her. That is what is happening here. Someone finally stood up to this brat. The brat doesn’t like it. And now she’s crying crying saying poor me poor me. BS! A year or two ago she tried out for cheerleader and didn’t make it. She made a fuss. They re did tryouts and put her on the team. Why? So she wouldn’t be left out not because she deserved to be on the team. CLEAR AND TO THE POINT. Run down the field, do a split, do a back flip, hold a cheerleader up, get up that pyramid, do all these qualifications. If you’re qualified, you’re qualified. This brat needs to be put in her place. I mean lets just put everyone on the squad. Extracurricular activities are privileges not necessities, or rewards. They aren’t for everybody. Plain and simple. Cry bully and being left out to be put on the team and being left out of a personal picture. If this happened on facebook, it would be shut down due to lawsuits. All the flunkies should read this and cry bully and being left out so that they can get their diploma, degree, masters, phd. Join the bandwagon. Lets do it all in the name of Alex. Her plan seems to be working. Might as well follow her example. This is ridiculous.

    • Colleen Duncan on October 18, 2013 at 4:30 am
    • Reply

    Selena have you not been reading? These ten girls along with the rest of the team have done everything to help her including special practices just one on one for her. She herself walks away from the group. They all have cheer class together where all information is given out. Alex comes and goes as she pleases,talks on her phone, pulls out her I pad thing are girls can’t do. If she chooses to play on her iPad instead of learning the cheer or dance their is nothing that they can do. So when it comes time to perform she either just stands there or goes and takes a seat. When they play games she walks off, she herself keeps from making friends with the other girls. What more can we say? Would you like to have all the pictures that we’ve took this year and count how many she is in? At camp we even took senior pictures with her normal and funny ones, we took pictures of all the girls that went to BC and not once did a Miller Jordan cheerleader say what about us? When we took pictures with the trophies we won after wards they notice a girl missing she didn’t throw a fit. We have another handicap girl on the team but I bet you can’t pick her out because she works hard she feels pain but keeps on going never complaining. They have tried since last year to be nice and be friends there isn’t a single complaint from her last year. Were the same girls we lost one senior. We have a very close team both JV and Varsity they love each other and support each other but if Alex would let her self try she too could be right there with them but she won’t try a friendship has to go both ways. But either way the picture was a celebration that she and the other team members weren’t part of. It’s our right to put who ever we want on a shirt as well as not put someone there. These girls are good girls they give to the community, they don’t go around and bully people handicapped or not. Now as for me needing to grow up did you see what happen? I handled myself very well. I too have know Alex since she was in the fourth grade she has always found me in a crowd and said hi and sometimes a hug. When I heard she was looking for someone to sue you think twice. When she came grabbed my shirt and telling me my shirt gave her cancer yes I could tell something wasn’t right she was yelling and cussing and shaking so bad I thought she might pass out. My first instinct was to grab and hold her but after working for the school many years I thought it better not to touch her so I talked softly to her but she was out of control when my husband ask for someone to get her away from his wife as they started toward her he Uncle told them not to touch her to leave her alone so since they couldn’t touch her we were ex courted out not even letting us check on our daughter who was so upset asking how could they let her disrespect my mother that way. Our girls don’t come home after pep rallies so we need to see if they need food or money but this was not allowed. So who wasn’t acting as a grown up? I only have partial use of my left leg and I can tell you she went from happy cheering to running up the bleachers way better then I could of. I don’t wish to hurt any child but if I have to choose to hurt one or ten including my daughter I will pick the ten. If I could file charges on the Uncle I would he showed he didn’t care of the state that she was in he wanted me to engage her some way when he should have been hugging her. One more thing the as to the restraining order I can’t speak for the other parents as for me it would be against the Uncle he’s know to follow the girls in their cars or follow them around where they are doing community service and he stands and stares at them when they move he moves. I’m sorry to those that are on Alex’s side but I will be pressing charges because of all the media they have gone to our kids are receiving threats if I don’t press the charges she will be rewarded for her bad behavior handicap or not bad behavior is bad. Our ten girls along with the rest of the team are as pretty on the inside as they are on the out side. They have done nothing wrong it’s one of a hundred pictures! Our daughters know the golden rule but does Alex ?

    • joevette on October 18, 2013 at 2:49 am
    • Reply

    And on a note this girl is part of the mighty greyhound band and has marched at every game and band function so this girl can do all the things these other girls can do. As for Mrs. Duncan she should be barred from school campus for this incident.

      • just no. on October 18, 2013 at 1:37 pm
      • Reply

      F.Y.I. she just stands there and hits the symbol, she does not “march”.

    • GetAClue on October 17, 2013 at 11:44 pm
    • Reply

    Just an F.Y.I. I heard she left school sick, but was wearing the same clothes at an interview that was conducted just a few hours after she left school. And it was done with a mexican station Telemundo or something. Wow go figure. Someone seems to really be going out of their way to make the girls look bad.

    • Anlm on October 17, 2013 at 10:50 pm
    • Reply

    I love how not one PARENT / adult can admit that bullying is WRONG period. After hearing that this girl literally gets SICKER because of all the stress you people still decide to have a negative outlook… It doesn’t matter who started what. The point is to STOP THE BULLYING.

    And guess what? The shirt is a big deal. Those “friendship shirts” should have and could easily have been worn literally anywhere else. You guys waited for a public display :/

    &i’m sorry ms duncan but as a mother/ grown woman you should have known better. That girl could have insulted the hell out of you but as an adult you had to be the better person &work on the situation. What if that was YOUR daughter?..

    &To ALEXANDRIA most girls peek in high school, don’t worry about them. Stay true to yourself &grow as a person 🙂

      • just no. on October 18, 2013 at 1:35 pm
      • Reply

      seriously? of course the parents know that bullying is completely wrong, they’re not stupid. It’s common sense. plus is Alex gets SICKER because of all the stress then she shouldn’t have to deal with the practices and late friday night games. she could have just gone home after school, no stress.

        • Anlm on October 18, 2013 at 2:10 pm
        • Reply

        Buuuut she wants to cheer

    • Selena on October 17, 2013 at 10:19 pm
    • Reply

    What happened to ” Que Bonito San Benito”? We don’t need anyone coming against us there is so much division among us. These kids have learned from the best. Our mayor has been bullied, our superintendent has been bullied. These girls are learning from those who are suppose to be examples. I called Ms. Celeste Sanchez to see how we can stop all these foolishness and was told she is out of town. I called Mr. Obregon and he was not available. Where are all these high dollar people? Is there anyone in charge besides Chuy Aguilera? A lot of people making a lot of money to do nothing. Will this story make National News and put San Benito on the map in a derragatory way. Does anyone have compassion in this town? Please support Alexandria and stop the bullying madness from these cheerleaders and their parents. I went to school in Harlingen never ever saw none of this crazy drama. So happy my children attend IDEA where parents do not bully, work together to help our students succeed. College bound !

      • Colleen Duncan on October 18, 2013 at 5:14 pm
      • Reply

      Pease know what your talking about these girls did not bully anyone if there was any bulling it was done by Alexandra and her Uncle. These girls have done nothing wrongs or the parents. I have picture of summer camp and Alex is in most of them including the ones of the Seniors and the ones of the girls who went to BC. No one from Miller Jordan complained they weren’t in the pictures. We have so many and it seems that most group pictures theirs one girl missing why? We don’t know maybe they went to the bathroom. She was included in all the pictures taken with the exception of this one. The one parents paid for and had a right to put who they wont in it Did Alex pay her money? Are our girls in the pictures of Alex’s pages in the book? She chose witch pictures she wanted on her pages threat she paid for as we did with ours. Why is it bulling if we take a picture of friends and we didn’t put a girl who is not their friend. That’s not bulling. If you look at it there is 21 girls on the team and ten took a picture together does that mean we bullied the rest too. It’s people like you and Alex’s Uncle who is turning this into a circus for the world to see not the Ten girls or their parents. Don’t friends always take pictures together? What’s the big deal. Alex is the one who separates herself from the rest she’s the one who walks off and goes and sits down by the way the other girls cant do that. We have another handicap girl on the team yet most of you don’t know her because she stay with the girls and works hard and doesn’t want to be treated different. Ask anyone from any of the schools she has gone to she demands to be treated different. But now people like you who hear the words special needs and now everyone else is a bully. These are threats against these girls and the school has to pay for extra security. Doesn’t anyone care about these ten girls? No just the one poor me girl. At summer camp does she stay with the girls? No she and her Uncle need their own room. She can take off and put on her leg, she can get around on one leg she’s done it her whole life, and if she needed help someone would help her. She went to the pool took off her leg hopped around got in and out of the pool but she has to have her own room with her Uncle while the rest are four or five to a room. The girls love sharing a room and she would too if she would just try. You can’t say you want to be treated like everyone else then demand to be treated differently wasn’t the one who contacted the paper or the TV stations it was her Uncle. The girls didn’t make San Benito look bad the Uncle did. When we tried to talk to him about this picture he had nothing to say to us. When he saw the first shirt he said do you think your funny? Why would we think we were funny we were just supporting our girls who have been to together a long time and some just since freshman year, Alex was not part of that nor was she part of the problems they had last year that almost tore them apart. But from 17 freshman cheerleaders to graduating 10 is what’s it’s about. No leaving someone out because if that was the case we left 11 out. But were the ones who are trying to defend our self for something that we bought and paid for. She could have bought a page and put who ever she wanted on it. It would have been hers to do as she pleased. These girls are a great team and won almost all the trophy’s at camp. And now one person cry’s foul and they ruin everything these girls worked for and I mean all 21 of them! Remember their isn’t just one hurt girl her their is 21 hurt girls because it is a team but their are special friendships with in the team and there is nothing wrong with this.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 20, 2013 at 8:35 pm
      • Reply

      No one bullied anyone there is no proof just the word of a child dragged into all this by her Uncle. Who stands there and watches their child go out of controll and instead of giving her comfert he tells everyone to leave her alone. She was so up set she could of passed out and he didn’t care. I wanted to just hug her but thats what he wanted me to do he wanted me to touch her.We are not uncarring people. The people leaving these coments for the girls to read are the real bullies!

    • Candida Perales on October 17, 2013 at 7:43 pm
    • Reply

    “hire a mediator?” Is that all these “top notch” lawyers ever say? They’re getting paid to do a job and not ONE can come up with a solution? You’re the Special Education attorneys. You have heard both sides. Is there or is there not a violation of some sort?? What happens to the special needs child that assaulted the adult? Can’t YOU and the other paid attorneys come up with anything? It’s pathetic that all this administration wants to do is spend spend spend on matters that can be solved within. IDIOTS! In reference to the girls. Ladies, let’s just all get along. Let’s show the pride in our school and teamwork. You gals are gorgeous. Let’s move on and just get out there and cheer our hearts out. GO HOUNDS!

      • Colleen Duncan on October 20, 2013 at 8:27 pm
      • Reply

      Candida thank you, It helps to have some one who just wants to get on with Friday nights!

    • Selena on October 17, 2013 at 6:45 pm
    • Reply

    Alexandria, Stay Proud and cheer your heart out. These mean girls remind me of a rotten apple, pretty and shiny, but rotten on the inside. Someday, sooner than you know all those girls will be living what they put you through. Shame on them and their parents for allowing such a vicious act on any child, disabled or not, Mrs. Duncan needs to grow up and take the high road. Bullying is a very tragic thing and these parents are giving their children the license to be downright ugly and bullies. Parents need to teach their children the golden rule, how would they like it if they were in alexandria”s position. You truly inspire me and so many others Alexandria.

    • Remember the Titans on October 17, 2013 at 5:15 pm
    • Reply

    “administrators…have asked Duncan to wait.” If Mrs. Duncan chooses to wait because the district asked, it is her right she is exercising by waiting. If she proceeds with the charges, again, that is her right to do so. Where has her rights been sacrificed?

    My response, Pennnnnnn, was to another’s comment above about parents lawyering up seeking protective orders. Why and against whom? Against Alex? Why are the 10 girls entitled to continue cheering if Alex is not? She hasn’t been convicted of anything. They file protective orders against Alex, Alex’s uncle files a discrimination suit against them and the school requesting the cheer program be suspended until it’s sorted out in the courts, blah blah blah. Next thing you know, these girl’s senior year is over and they lost their right to be cheerleaders because of legal battles over who is right.

    No one is advocating the sacrifice of anyone’s rights, Pennn. Let everyone exercise their right to the court system. Since you are the champion of not “sacrificing one’s right for another’s,” who gets to cheer while this gets sorted? The 10 cheerleaders? No, no, my friend! That’s gang mentality! they aren’t automatically right because they are 10 against 1. That’s exactly the mindset of the bully. They don’t get to continue while one sits out — that would be “sacrificing one’s right for another’s!” As you have stated, that’s “not what the USA is about.”

    The more people comment here, the clearer it becomes that Alex was indeed victimized by exclusion and discrimination by the 10. The 10 don’t like Alex so they excluded her. That’s “not what the USA is about.” Suspend the program until the issue is sorted out in court. That’s the only fair thing for all 11 involved. Too bad if it doesn’t get sorted out until after their senior year is over. that’s the only fair way to ensure we’re not “sacrificing one’s right for another’s!”

      • GetAClue on October 17, 2013 at 6:22 pm
      • Reply

      Again…She is not the victim or the one excluded. You fail to get the point.
      1)These girls tried to have a get together party for her when she was added on to the squad. she refused
      2) No one is entitled to be a cheerleader, it is an earned position.
      3) This little girl has more background that you obviously don’t know about.

      If you feel so strongly about this child that is great for you. But you keep reverting back to a hatred mentality that shows your lack of fairness. Ask around, ask the students, ask her ex-teachers, ask anyone that has dealt with this “uncle Noe” or her. The comment has always been “I feel discriminated, I feel violated, I feel harassed” pretty much in that order.
      You and I can agree to disagree, but at least get all your information before you make hatred comments about anyone or any group.
      And if it is suspended, that would give these girls more time to deal with Honor Society, Band, Choir, Studying, Athletics, And any and all other activities that they are involved in. Especially the community hours they put in with the elderly and such.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 21, 2013 at 12:45 am
      • Reply

      THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BULLING OR DISABLITY! This team has 21 girls on it so not only one was left out. They were left out because if you read the words you know these girls were not included. This was not a cheerleading sponsored picture in face the picture you see is what the page was to look like. No where did it say Senior or Cheerleader. We were asked to leave them out and we did. We went with the football theme that they put on the score board. If what your saying to not have the 11 cheer we still have 10 who can. THE RESTRAINGING ORDERS TALKED ABOUT WERE FOR THE UNCLE. He follows the girls around, stares at them. make comments to them. He makes them feeling like they are being stocked. Our girls all 20 are good girls who have became closer since this began, their not trouble makers. They worked very hard to make the team and hard to stay on the team. It’s really sad the Alex doesn’t want to be part of this team because she wouldn’t be able to find a better goup of friends. The girls have to work to try to keep her involved. Other wise she would sit on the side our up with her parents.They have tryed very hard to make her feel acepted but I don’t know what she wants. Before the pep rally that Friday Alex and my self have been what I thought was a friendship. I’ve know her since she was in the 4th grade when I stated subbing. It didn’t matter where I would see her we always said HI she would even search me out to say hi. So why did she pick me to attack? I’m not sure I have my thoughts on it one being her Uncle. He maybe thought that seeing her so up set that I might reach out and hug her.(which is what I wanted to do) Then he would have me for touching her or asulting her. It should have been he Uncle that should of went and hugged her and showed her some love to calm her down, but instead to yelled “don’t touch her” “leave her alone” why would he want that? Every girl on that team knows if they need something or needs something said to the coach that they tell me and I try. I’m very upset my daughter was left in the gym crying after seeing another team member disrespect her mom. I was the one told to leave and when I questioned it a few days latter it was said because it was easier to get me to leave then them. My daughter was not the only one upset when she cried so did others and I did get many hugs on my was out even from the girls that I haven’t had a chance to get close to.After all the drama of last year I was happy to see how well it was going this year. I would think if these 10 girls were bullies that there would be others coming out and saying the same thing. They are seniors wouldn’t the bully the underclass girls? or the JV girl? Think about that.

    • Pennnnnnnn on October 17, 2013 at 3:29 pm
    • Reply


    Your “great” comment makes no sense at all. In fact its border line, if not, stupid. Your other comments tend to favor the Alex girl. How do you justify her actions? You or anybody on her side have yet to? She deserves to be disciplined accordingly. If this happened to any other person, she would have been cited or arrested. The SBCISD administrators who have asked Duncan to wait on pursuing the matter were wrong in their approach of this matter. Sacrificing one’s rights for another’s is not what the USA is about.

    • Remember the Titans on October 17, 2013 at 3:06 pm
    • Reply

    Great! Let’s just disband the cheerleading squad until this is settled in court by attorneys. If parents are seeking “protective” orders to keep Alex away from their children, those parents need to keep their children away from activities where Alex may be present. No one child has a greater claim to be a cheerleader than another. If the parents feel that strongly that their child is in danger, they need to keep them at home and away from functions where Alex may be present.

    • Rodney King on October 17, 2013 at 2:55 pm
    • Reply

    Can’t we all just get along?

    • Ch4Post on October 17, 2013 at 1:44 pm
    • Reply

    1) “I feel left out and bullied,” Hernandez said.

    Seniors took a picture. It was of their own doing. Not of the squad. The same way you take pictures with news reporter and leave out all the other cheerleaders or other cheerleaders across the nation with a prosthetic limb.

    What about her actions towards the Duncan lady. San Benito News and Valley Central should put more emphasis on that. Valley Central failed to report on that entirely.

    2) She said the team does not tell her about events or practices until the very last minute because they do not want her on the team.

    Practices should be organized by the cheer sponsor. That part has nothing to do with the cheerleaders.

    1. Regarding your comment about how the San Benito News and Valley Central should “put more emphasis on that,” while I can’t speak for Valley Central I can say that the San Benito News article is entirely about the pep rally incident and the altercation between Alexandria Hernandez and Colleen Duncan.

    • Jose F. Rodriguez on October 17, 2013 at 1:34 pm
    • Reply

    OK San Benito, in case you missed it with all these “Cheer Drama” which will probably blow off by itself.

    Remember this school board drama “She grabbed me, No I didn’t” it all blew away on its own!

    Forget all this and come to the 22nd Annual Conjunto Festival this weekend!

    Again, Here is a little sample of what you will hear…….recorded @ the San Benito City Commission last month!

    La musica de mi tierra!

    As a bonus, you are allowed to wear any Tee Shirt you wish to wear!

    Nothing heals hurt feelings like good music!

    • Sarah on October 17, 2013 at 1:21 pm
    • Reply

    This whole dispute is dumb! im more than sure that they didnt make that shirt just to exclude Alex from it. i mean think about it are the moms really gonna get togeher and make a shirt for there SENIOR daughters just to “exclude” Alex, their not going to do it on purpose. Just because she is missing a limb, everyone wants to feel bad for her, thats not right. to me the shirt looks like the SENIOR CHEERLEADERS that are graduating of the class of 2014. the cheerleaders shouldnt be help accountable because of this. Alex tries to get her way all the time and the school lets her because she is missing a limb, thats not fair! she wants to be treated as a human like everyone else, then why does she get special privileges at school, but she wants to be treated normal. She was put on the squad casue her uncle complained, thats not fair! if she didnt make it she didnt make it, what about that other girls that didnt make the squad? if she wants to be treated like a human she should of excepted the fact that she didnt make the squad, like all the other “human girls” that didnt! So automatically everyone is going to take her side and feel bad for her cause shes missing a limb. None of you all know Alex, the way she really is. So this needs to stop, no one is bulling her or excluding her. She just wants attention, and for everyone to feel bad for her.

    • GetAClue on October 17, 2013 at 12:12 pm
    • Reply

    The no child left behind act has nothing to do with this. If she wants she can stay in school till she is 21 and a cheerleader at that. You fail to hear the other side that is being posted here. “Ugly comments” do not help the situation either, but far be it from me to judge another based on one sided information. I am giving you information that is true. This child like any other spoiled child has gotten away with getting whatever they want all their lives. I know a child right now that has had open heart surgery at the age of 3 months, and is currently in the band. Does he cry for extra attention…no, does he tell them he has to be the drum-major due to his heart condition…no. The information being presented in the news media is completely bias, and has now caused some of these individuals to get attorneys to file for protective orders to keep this child away from them. There is more going on then you know right now, and more is coming out soon.

    1. GetAClue, we spoke to all individuals involved in the matter and presented both sides of this story. How do you then interpret this as “completely bias?”

        • GetAClue on October 17, 2013 at 6:10 pm
        • Reply

        Mr. Editor I do have to apologize for that specific comment. It was intended for KGBT 4. Ashley seems to forget the basic reporting skill that graces our San Benito News paper all the time. That is to be unbiased and fair in the reporting. Again it was not intended to our newspaper

        1. No harm done. I can appreciate your position.

    • Left Out on October 17, 2013 at 12:11 pm
    • Reply

    The student in question feels left out of the cheerleader picture and cheerleader life. Result: complaints, unexcusable actions, family members complaining.

    What about the student in question being left out of disciplinary action for her wrongdoing. I wonder if she is complaining about that. I wonder if her family members are complaining about that. I wonder if Remember The Titans is complaining about that.

    • cynthia on October 17, 2013 at 11:06 am
    • Reply

    The thing is that they left out the girl because she is handicap she is disabled. She has a prosthetic leg so they always leave her out on things they do.

      • GetAClue on October 17, 2013 at 11:47 am
      • Reply

      Cynthis…She is not being left out, due to that reason. You are now spreading false information that is liable. Get you information correct.

      • Colleen Duncan on October 21, 2013 at 12:00 am
      • Reply

      How would you know why she was left out? If she had two legs she would of still been left out on one of a 100 pictures. What about one of the “bullies” being left out of the main cheerleader page? she didn’t cry she just went and ask how could they sofve it? All the Juniors and Sophmores where left out too. There is a reason but some people don’t want to hear it. This page happen back in August and she’s just not going public? Did you know we have another girl on the team thats handicapped? You can’t pick her out because she works hard for it not to show and she is supported by her team Alex too is supported by her team she’s the one who walks off she’s the one that never talks to them and if she does it’s more yelling at them Please learn the facts.

    • ARLENE on October 17, 2013 at 10:23 am
    • Reply

    ok..there throwing her disabilites in the problem to win..theres other girls who have the same OR WORSE disabilities that dream of making it to the cheer squad or the dance team.she had a chance bcuz she (said something inaprpriate) like really!?!?!?! then this little immature girl grabs a parents shirt and shoves her hands in her face yelling!! DISCUSTING DISCUSTING GROSS BEHAVIOR FOR A SENIOR “ADULT” TO DO>>>VERY IMMATURE<< im discusted by this whole thing!! the district knows its wrong…gessh i wonder wat they wuld do if sum senior got in there face yelling and grabing yeah youd press charges…..stupid district i tell u..and stupid excusses there using…FREEDOM OF SPEECH

    • WhoCares! on October 17, 2013 at 8:36 am
    • Reply

    That cheerleader gets away with to much, and anyways she doesn’t do much for the team..on friday games i hardly see her cheering because most of the time she walks off as she pleases. She presses charges against everyone for stupid reasons but no one can do anything to her because they will be “discriminating”. Everything about this situation is pathetic! This school district is corrupt. And not letting Duncan file is RIDICULOUS!!

    • WordIs on October 17, 2013 at 7:53 am
    • Reply

    Accordingy to several workers at the SBHS, this special needs student is a pain in the wazzu to students and faculty constantly. Limb or no limb, need or no need, her specials needs don’t, I repeat, DO NOT, justify her behavior or her actions. If a non special needs person behaved this way on the football team or cheerleading squad, etc, it would not be tolerated PERIOD. What a shame. Mr. Uncle, student in question, what a shame!

    • Colleen Duncan on October 17, 2013 at 7:01 am
    • Reply

    The picture shown was a sample of the page submitted for the football program, the one denied . The shirt has a different picture thou taken at the same time. With one picture on the front and the same bottom picture on the back. So who ever gave you that picture shown you the page submitted and was asked by the editor to add paw prints and stuff to dress it up because we wee ASKED not to put senior or cheerleader on the page. So the shirt are some what like this they di not use the caption, the girls, name, and the saying on the bottom yet not one person has noticed the front picture is different.

    • Colleen Duncan on October 17, 2013 at 12:04 am
    • Reply

    On other small thing the photo they show which was to be in the program is not the same photo on the shirt if you look on the program the girls are all talking to one another on the shirt they are facing forward it’s just a small part but it is different and once again we had full permission by the main office to wear then so it’s very interesting to who said other wise. If they get rid of our shirt they will have to get rid of all the shirts that show support. We paid for the paid $225. And we all paid for our own shirts we have a right to put anyone or anything within reson on these. Why would you want a person on your page or shirt who is not a fiend? Does being crippled mean she has to be our friend? My daughters sophomore year year and another cheerleader the school ran off on their own made spirt ribbons for all the kids in special ed for homecoming free just because they heard how much they liked them. Is that ugly? My daughter has friends in the special ed class that she just loves but some of you are telling her she ugly on the inside. You should know what your talking about but I’m sure if you ask for forgives God will.

      • Remember the Titans on October 17, 2013 at 11:06 am
      • Reply

      That’s my point, Mrs. Duncan. This is not about friendship, it’s about team. Yes, you do include a team member in photos even if they’re not friends.

      There’s no doubt there are two sides to the story here. there’s no doubt that no one involved is perfect. Does pressing charges on this young girl correct a wrong, or does it just continue the pattern of what she claims is alienation and bullying? Maybe she is difficult. But, have each of you walked a mile in her prosthetic device? Have each of her team members made her feel accepted when she can’t jump as they can? Does anyone truly understand how she must feel having her limitations when all she wants is to be like everyone else? Has anyone genuinely considered how isolated and uninvolved she must feel each time she see that photo?

      There is no doubt that this is a situation that is hard on everyone involved. But, has everyone done all they truly can to work through this? The term “special needs” is different for those seeking acceptance and access than it is for most of us who take for granted our blessed health. For some, it’s merely a ramp to accommodate a wheelchair. For others, emotional needs are greatest as they learn to cope with and overcome their physical disabilities. For a young, emotionally developing person, feeling included by the cool kids can go a long way in helping them overcome their disabilities.

      Yes, GetAClue, I do have a horse in this race — we all do. We have a child in our community feeling left out and bullied. Maybe that’s not what the other girls and their parents intended, but that is how she is feeling. Whether or not anyone can comprehend her feelings, they are real to her. We, as a community, have a moral obligation to see that no child is left behind. We can’t save the world, but we can reach out to the children of our community to help them in their time of greatest need. If all any of you have to offer this child right now is compassion, that’s a great start.

      Mrs. Duncan, can you muster some compassion and forgiveness at this time? Maybe even a hug for Alex? A show of forgiveness and acceptance by you will be a much more positive influence for our youth than pressing charges.

      Let me be the first to apologize for my uncharitable characterizations of Alex’s teammates and their parents. I didn’t help this emotionally charged situation. To those of you I offended, my sincerest apology.

        • san benito's old friend on October 19, 2013 at 10:02 am
        • Reply

        Sorry, you can’t force the other girls to be friends with Alex. Bullying is wrong, but that’s not what going on here. That little girl’s bad attitude and sense of entitlement need to be addressed. M maybe if she were a little more pleasant, she’s wouldn’t feel so excluded. What she didn’t realize was that all the bag that age has done was going to be aired out. People, before you point your fingers, make sure your hands are clean

          • Educator on October 19, 2013 at 11:51 am
          • Reply

          I completely understand now. She’s being excluded because of a “bad attitude” and needing to be “more pleasant.” It has nothing to do with being handicapped or special education. I get it now. thank you.

          She is being excluded simply because she is not liked.

    • Colleen Duncan on October 16, 2013 at 11:49 pm
    • Reply

    This is mostly to,”Remember the Titians” I don’t know where you get your information from but we were told on Wednesday from principal Mr Sanchez the Supertendent and some and those at the main office so nothing wrong with the shirts and we were told we could wear them when ever and where ever we wanted. So your information is wrong. If you look thru this years arms other year football program you will see that pictures are are through out it saying seniors, front line, senior bell friends ets,,,, this was nothing else. We have lot of pictures with Alex in them including pictures with just the seniors. She was never left out. We told a lot of pictures of the girls with all the trophies they won we noticed later one girl was missing she never said a word. Yes meh husband and my self were along with the girls were very upset that she had our page removed if you looked at the page no where did it say senior or cheerleader thou yes they had their jerseys on. For anyone who read the quote on it and paid attention to what happen last years where we lost some of our own the girls didn’t speak to one another and thru pray and Gods grace that these girls got their friendship back and even taught the parents a lesion for their was some still not talking. This picture was to show the reunion and how they made it through all the drama and once again became friends. So yes we were mad but it had nothing to do with her handicap she wasn’t involved in any of this. Did she complain last year? It’s the same girls we lost one senior. As for the schedule they all has fifth period cheer it’s a class that’s where they practice and on pep rally week they stay late. We have has very few practice at other time but they are told to the class. So if she would either stick around or get of her phone and iPad ( which is something only she is allowed to do) she would know the same as the girls. She thinks if she see at cheerleader at another event that she was left out, but are girls are involved in many clubs that do community service. We we had to show up as cheerleaders she asked if she had to go and was told yes but she never showed but then called the captain yelling at her why didn’t they have a fundraiser for her that she had cancer. It was the first time the girls had heard this but her records can’t be released they had no way to find out because if she did they might be able to do something for her. So she pulls their page, tells everyone she will ruin their senior year, she yells, and cusses at them and tell them not ask to do stuff for her. Is this some one you want as your friend? They do not be mean to her or bully her is any way she does it to them and gets always with it. They feel no one is listening to their side just taking the word of her and her Uncle as truth because she is handicap. The sponsor try’s to be fair but one side feel she is always taking the other side. She to along with the girls are always being threaten to be sued. How fair is that. Just because they have a disability she still in no different on the inside and is uglier on the inside then our girls are. There is always two sides to a story. Did the Uncle tell how he follows the girls around and just stares at them or how she records the girls talking without their permission? No she just plays the poor me act. Did anyone think how my daughter felt when the school and the Uncle did nothing as she disrespected her mother? ( who was not wearing her husbands shirt but her own along with another mother behind me and at least for at the game) who cared about my daughters feelings? Her coach healed her through the evening then on Tuesday a simi-high person with the school asked if she could give her a hug. I wasn’t sure if I was going to file the charges because she is a child, but a child that it pushed by her Uncle to do it. I would like to press the charges on him. I’ve know Alex since she was in the forth grade and didn’t know she had a false leg till middle school as I hurt my ankle and almost lost it so I have a limp and I can do a lot of things she can. But until the day at the pep rally I always thought of her as one of my school friends she would find me in a crowed and tell he hello and I always treated her the same as the other students. So I never expected that out of her maybe she might be upset but when I asked should I talk to her first I was told not to because the uncle was so mad. I don’t go around hurting children although I felt like the school bullied her last year to it all the way to the school board to hear so sorry. So when things turned around this year I was proud of my daughter and that is why I wore the shirt and will continue to. As for the charges with the Uncle making my daughter look like the bad one yes I will I will also go to the town police and file one there even thou the school told me it was the same thing but I’ve lost faith in this school. After the pep pally my daughter hear Mr Sanchez tell someone ” I told them not to wear the shirt” that is false who knew I was wearing mine he asked to consider the other child, first you cared about my daughter last year, and second I should hurt ten girls feeling so not to hurt one girls. What kind of a world do we live I. When the preceded undog is always in the right. My daughter has rights too.

      • former hound on January 8, 2014 at 12:13 am
      • Reply

      Ms. Duncan, do you have a job? Or any hobbies?

      This is the most pathetic case of helicopter parenting I’ve ever witnessed.

    • GetAClue on October 16, 2013 at 11:32 pm
    • Reply

    Obviously “Remember the Titans” has a horse in the race.
    1) The shirt is just a jersey, not an official uniform. It was purchased at their expense not the schools.
    2) I’ve seen the photos and the shirt. It is in no way offensive, provocative nor distasteful.
    3) Camaraderie is by definition the mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. This little girl has never shown up to most of the practices since last year. Check the cheer records they have documneted when they are present at functions even at 5:00 A.M. practices. As a matter of fact she was not present at a self initiated cheer function in Rio Hondo to help a young girl with cancer. She even stated “What’s the big deal”.
    4) The lost opportunity for an invaluable lesson seems to be directed to the wrong individuals. This child been educated in the fine art of “Poor Me” syndrome. She has gone on too long getting what she wants from everyone, due to her use of her disability. Yes it is sad that she is in the condition she is, but stop the discrimination, handicap, race or whatever other card you want to throw in the mix.
    5) These girls have done nothing but been nice to her since she entered the squad. She refuses to associate with them, and has made false comments at cheer camps about these girls.
    6) Those shirts are on sale for any person to buy at anytime. It is not inclusive to just a handful of people. No one cried foul when several football players, drill team members, band students take a photo separately from the entire group. Why were those photos not pulled from the program line?
    7) Where are your Christian values? It seems you left those at the door when you started calling individuals inconsiderate, self-centered and such, without knowing the whole truth since day one. And you know what …..they are all Princesses. They are your Honor Society, Band Performers, Athletes…They are in all types of extra functions that would make any normal student tired. They do community hours aside from there normal school hours and extracurricular activities.
    8) I know most of the parents of those cheerleaders, and can honestly say they are the most kindest, respectful, hardworking individuals any one could ever have the privilege of knowing. They, just like everyone else, have at times not got along either, but they have worked through it all and are still united supporting their princesses, football players, band students,choir students, softball team, boys and girls basketball teams, track teams, boys and girls powerlifting teams, Chess team, Robotics, H.O.S.A., F.F.A….. do we need to go on? The world does not revolve around person contrary to what you might believe or have tasted in the kool-aid.
    Hoping this sheds a little more light in your world.

  2. Wow seems to me like the school district is the one being the bully in this situation. I back these girls up 100%. Some of these girls have been friends and have cheered together since elementary! It’s their senior year and they wanted to take a picture it’s not about this little girl being left out! Don’t ruin their Senior year! As for the parents Freedom of speech: Wear what you want back your girls up because If you don’t who is? Mrs. Duncan press charges if it would have been any other cheerleader Iam sure serious consequences would have followed!

      • Remember the Titans on October 16, 2013 at 8:16 pm
      • Reply

      The district is not bullying anyone! Because the district wouldn’t sanction a photo that purposefully and maliciously excluded a member of the cheer team, you call the district a bully? Your niece and her friends are the bullies! “Don’t ruin their senior year?” What do you think they’re doing to another student’s senior year!! Great that they have been together since elementary. Does that give them the right to exclude a team member who joined later? No! Don’t be pissed at the school district for upholding equal opportunities for all students. Ten little princesses that think cheering begins and ends with them. If they’re unhappy they can all quit! Fans rooted for the ‘Hounds before them and will long after they are gone. I see where your niece gets her inconsideration for others and ugliness.

      As far as your freedom of speech? The district should ban that shirt from school property since it now can see how that shirt may incite future incidents. No telling what liabilities they will open themselves up to if people get hurt in the future because of that shirt.

      Bunch of inconsiderate, self-centered princesses indulged by poor excuses for adults who are supposed to teach them to be good people. Where’s the Christian values in the acceptance of others less fortunate? I bet you’re all a bunch of church-going do-gooders, too. I don’t know what’s worse, the shameful behavior of our cheerleaders or the indulgence by the adults. Just disgraceful.

    • Concerned Parent on October 16, 2013 at 1:23 pm
    • Reply

    Does nobody know all what this little girl and her family have put these poor individuals throgh?
    any resident should know how these people are, despite the obvious

    i have heard multiple stories from my son and his friends about her its ridiculous
    this school district is corrupt. they are letting a teen and her uncle control their actions. when ar ethey going to stand up for whats right? any other special needs child would be happy and prpoud to be on this squad, willing to learn and participate at that
    on friday games i hardly see her cheering because most of the time she walks off as she pleases
    everything about this situation is pathetic and if i were these cheerleaders, i would be mad and get some revenge too

      • sbperson on October 18, 2013 at 6:41 pm
      • Reply

      O yeah 10 life long friends, get outta here. When they finish with high school, let’s see if they remain life long friends. Since when has cheerleading been so important, it’s nothing but little girls with big drama problems. The parents set the example for these clowns. Remember it’s cheerleading not cheer bashing.

    • DearSanBenito on October 16, 2013 at 12:20 pm
    • Reply

    Dear anybody and everybody associated with San Benito,

    For the sake of tax payers in San Benito (this excludes you miss board president), please please please refrain from talking about, spreading word about, posting, writing, etc any information regarding the school district and investigations.

    For all we know Obregon, Celeste, Board President (one of them, they obviously don’t put their foot down when another does wrong so are apparently ok with the others’ actions) will hire someone and pay them good $$$ to investigate this matter. Hiring a third party to investigate an investigation that only seem to get nowhere. I hope this isn’t what happens. Seems to be the case w/ the SBCISD.

    Telling Duncan to hold off from filing while they investigate the matter just seems flat out fishy, wrong, and unjust.

    • whatAjoke on October 16, 2013 at 12:01 pm
    • Reply

    “so to me they’re discriminating against her for leaving her out. ”

    What a joke!?

    If they took the picture on their own, there is nothing wrong with that. Discrimination?! Shoot. They left me out too!

    Now if the picture was a cheer squad ordeal, then the problem should addressed to cheerleading sponsor. As should the ordeal with not knowing practice times. That falls upon the sponsor.

    “I went today to the high school and filed a statement, but the school wants me to wait to see what happens be- fore I file charges,” Duncan said Tuesday. “If they don’t do something about it, that’s my plan, is to file charges.”
    SBCISD Interim Super- intendent Alfonso Obregón said that SBHS Principal Henry Sanchez and As- sistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Celeste Z. Sanchez are re- searching the matter.

    Now this part is an even bigger joke. Duncan, you should file. You have every right to file and not wait to see what school officials do. WOW!

    • Ida Garcia on October 16, 2013 at 11:14 am
    • Reply

    Our students are entitled to a free and an appropriate education as per our federal government. In my opinion, unless banned, our parents can wear any T-Shirt to support our students, it’s called Freedom of Speech that falls under the amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America. Furthermore, our cheerleaders represent SBCISD; they have a moral and ethical obligation to represent accordingly. A cheerleader cannot pull the shirt of a parent. That is considered an assault in the judicial system of our local, state and federal governing agencies. There us NOTHING wrong in the legal wearing a garment with the picture.

    • ATX on October 16, 2013 at 9:38 am
    • Reply

    Somebody fill me in! I am curious as to how this picture is offensive. I don’t see it, but then again, I am a guy, and teenage girls can take sublte digs at one another that can go right over my head.

    Actually, I still have trouble reading between the lines from time to time with my wife. #obliviousmen

      • Remember the Titans on October 16, 2013 at 7:13 pm
      • Reply

      I believe this photo is offensive to some because it appears to represent a conscious and callous act by 10 senior cheerleaders to exclude the 11th senior cheerleader and teammate. I have no problem with 10 long-time friends getting together for a photo; will be nice when they look back on their friendship years from now. But these girls, dressed in their cheer uniforms (they wear the shirts in the pic on Friday night home games), wanted this photo excluding their teammate officially sanctioned by the school district and it was rightfully refused.

      The controversy really heated when Mr. Duncan, after learning that the district would not include the pic in the football program or allow it shown on the scoreboard, had tee-shirts made with the picture on it. This, apparently, is the shirt Mrs. Duncan was wearing at the time of the alleged assault. It would seem to me that Mr. and Mrs. Duncan instigated the events Friday night, knowing full well the sensitive nature of the photo and the district’s refusal to sanction it. The argument could be made that they made the tee-shirts with malicious motives and intent after learning of the district’s refusal of the picture, and that their wearing it to a pep rally created an attractive nuisance and disorderly conduct.

      Ultimately what we have here are parents and a cheerleading coach who have missed a great opportunity to teach an invaluable lesson to 10 young girls about the true spirit of camaraderie and team, and the acceptance of those different and less fortunate than themselves. School officials were correct in excluding a photo from the football program that clearly excludes a team member. On the other hand, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, and those other parents who were aware of what was happening but did nothing to stop their children’s discrimination of another child, should really be ashamed of themselves.

      I’ve looked closely at the girls in the photo accompanying this article. After reading the article and learning how they treated this young person different from them, I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of so many young girls uglier than these 10. Shameful, too, those parents that condone their actions.

        • ATX on October 17, 2013 at 8:44 am
        • Reply

        Thanks for the run-down. I remember taking small group pics with close friends, all in their respective club uniforms. There was a mix of cheerleaders, football players, athletic trainers, band members, and even friends not involved in extracurricular activities. Those pics were more for personal enjoyment, and public display of friendship; these would go into the football programs.

        I can see how this situation is slightly different. With only one girl left out, and the message of “This is our house” (I am still not understanding the replacement of the letter ‘H’ with the number ’14’), it doesn’t take too much to read between the lines and see that they are intentionally excluding one member of the squad.

        If these girls are all best of friends and, by some crazy aligning of the starts, all grew up together and somehow all became cheerleaders at the same time, then let them have their personal pics to enjoy and look back on. But I am sure high school gossip gets around, and if it is knows that there is malicious intent to personally and emotionally hurt this one excluded cheerleader, that is just wrong. You would think parents would notice one girl being left out and look into the reasoning behind it. Either parents are just oblivious, or are just as malicious as the high school girls….actually, even worse. At least high school kids can blame it on immaturity when they look back at it all years down the road. Parents….no excuse.

        To have something with this malicious intent sanctioned by the school is ridiculous. Why would the school sanction something that is excluding a member of a squad that represents them? This looks like the kids and parents (whichever are aware of the situation) are going out of their way to further hurt the excluded member.

        I understand not all people in the same extracurricular club/organization will not be best of friends. I don’t expect them to. But to go out of your way to exclude one individual is very hurtful for anyone, even more so in high school. I am not a parent, but I imagine my 6 year old niece growing up and having to experience this. You should never want to put a child/adolescent through this kind of thing. I know it is easier for an adult to say “grow up” and just do your own thing, but parents could at least put some perspective into their children’s minds and explain to them that these actions are unnecessary and hurtful. Unfortunately, some parents may be doing the exact opposite and just instigating and supporting the entire situation.

        Lastly…I am assuming you meant these 10 girls being “ugly” as a reference to their attitude….correct?

          • B on October 17, 2013 at 12:26 pm
          • Reply

          the 14 refers to class of 2014

          • Remember the Titans on October 17, 2013 at 2:02 pm
          • Reply

          Yes, ATX, their attitude is what I was referring to at the time.

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