HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Mayorgas share love story, birthday

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Miguel and Consuelo Mayorga

For the past 57 years, Miguel and Consuelo Mayorga have been lawfully wed as husband and wife. In this day and age, that’s no small accomplishment, but longevity is not the only thing special about their relationship. They also share the same birthday: November 29.

Consuelo laughed when this reporter asked her how it feels to have a younger man, being that she’s 84 and her husband is 81. “She’s a cradle robber,” her son Mike Jr. said in jest.

Regarding how they met, Miguel traveled back in his mind to 1947. He said, “We met at school.” The two lovingly bantered back and forth, to remember their ages approximately. The smiles across Miguel and Consuelo’s faces were telling of a true love story, the kind that knows both good times and bad.

Both have experienced health complications in recent years, and Consuelo is currently suffering from a spinal condition which impedes here ability to walk. Miguel is receiving dialysis treatments. An onlooker wouldn’t know this necessarily, for they choose to keep such sweet dispositions.

Miguel and Consuelo have two sons, Mike Jr. and his brother Xavier. When the boys were young, said Miguel, he shared his hobbies with them by teaching them to hunt, fish and work with their hands. He spent 18 years of his career working as a maintenance professional at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, where he became a chief maintenance engineer. He also was a skilled plumber and brick layer, the true epitome of a man who knows how to work with his hands.

Consuelo was a saleswoman for a company out of Brownsville, and she frequently volunteered at local churches. Consuelo also shared her husband’s passion for fishing, and she told stories of a favorite fishing pole she had, that she loved taking out for a day with her boys and her husband. It was also said that Consuelo is quite the cook, and family members came from all around to enjoy her scrumptious lasagna and unmatchable Mexican cuisine.

Both Consuelo and Miguel come from large families, with 9 and 10 total siblings respectively. Consuelo said, “We were satisfied with two children.” Now, Miguel and Consuelo have five grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, two step-grandchildren and five step-great grandchildren of whom they cherish.

With a shared birthday so close to Thanksgiving, their family tries to make the birthday extra special whenever possible, whether it entails going to a restaurant, taking a fun drive to the Island or even venturing to the Houston area to visit family.

The Mayorgas enjoyed remembering holidays past and recollecting hobbies they’d had throughout the years. Miguel fondly recollects his wood crafting hobby, where he would step out into nature and discover interestingly shaped pieces of driftwood or other unique wood items and mount them onto larger, flat pieces of wood to make lovely home décor. He said, “People would come over to the house and see them and ask if they could have one.” He smiled as he said, “I had a lot of pieces (at one time), but now, I’ve given them all away.”

Consuelo shared a story of her aromatic rose garden. She said she had a chain-link fence overgrown with gorgeous roses. “People would come from all around and stop to see and smell them. If the breeze was blowing,” the roses’ fragrance would drift down the street.

Regarding such a successful marriage, Consuelo was quick to give all credit to the Lord. She said, “God comes first. Do everything in God’s will.” She added to that statement, saying, “Stay calm and don’t argue. Hold on, and compromise. If your husband (spouse) is mad, don’t argue.”

Miguel’s advice was simpler, but no less poignant. He said, “I married Consuelo quickly because I loved her.” This gives hope to youngsters who are in love but maybe don’t feel they have much else to substantiate a love story.

By Consuelo and Miguel’s example alone, there’s proof such a happy ending is possible. Consuelo said, “We’ve been living a good life all this time.”

From the looks they still adoringly give each other and the quick smiles they share, it’s obvious that some love stories are meant to last a lifetime. The Mayorgas with their son Mike Jr. are hoping to get the whole family together for Christmas for a bar-b-que. With a legacy such as Miguel and Consuelo’s, their family has much to be grateful for this year: they have each other.

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