Oct 26 2012

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Alleged victim in arrest of JP’s wife speaks

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Delia Flores Sanchez

Delia Flores Sanchez

“Get out of my face, old lady,” is allegedly what 62-year-old Delia Flores Sanchez, wife of Justice of the Peace Julian Sanchez, heard after confronting 45-year-old Elizabeth Moreno Lopez at the Cameron County Annex Building in San Benito. The incident eventually led to the arrest of Delia Sanchez, the accused perpetrator in this case, for disorderly conduct.

Lopez, who, in a candid interview with the News on Thursday, shared her account of an altercation between her and the JP’s wife. The alleged incident occurred on Oct. 18 at the annex building, where Delia Sanchez allegedly accosted Lopez and accused her of engaging in a lurid act with the JP, who denies the allegations.

“Well yes, I know her from court,” Julian Sanchez said when asked if he was familiar with Lopez. “She’s been in my court several times, but I only know her from court.”

Furthermore, Lopez explained that she had never met Judge Sanchez’ wife before this instance. “I have no idea how she knew me,” said Lopez of Delia Sanchez. “I had seen her coming out of the restroom. I smiled at her, and she gave me a bad look, so I looked down. Then, she got in my face.”

“She said, ‘I’m Delia Sanchez. I’m the Judge Julian Sanchez’s wife,’” Lopez claimed, adding that the JP’s wife accused her of solicitation. Specifically, police reported that Delia Sanchez accused Lopez of performing lascivious acts on the JP for a fee of $20.

On Friday, Julian Sanchez said in response, “My wife’s story is a little bit different.”

Additionally, Lopez said she felt “threatened because (Delia Sanchez) wouldn’t move…I thought, ‘Wow. Is she going to hit me or what?’”

Delia Sanchez was arrested Tuesday, Oct. 23, by officers with the San Benito Police Department for the aforementioned disorderly conduct, specifically obscene language. Municipal Court Judge Benjamin Yudesis arraigned Sanchez, who entered a not guilty plea. A $100 personal recognizance bond was then issued, and she was released.

On at least some level, Lopez does admit to knowing Julian Sanchez. “Yes, I know her husband. Who doesn’t know him? He’s the judge,” exclaimed Lopez.

Prior to someone alerting SBPD, Lopez said that one maintenance worker was present for at least some of the altercation. Lopez said, “The only one who was there was a maintenance [man]. He saw her walking away from where I was. I’m going to subpoena him when we go to court.”

It’s been reported that Delia Sanchez has sought legal representation from Brownsville attorney Ruben Peña.

Peña could not be reached for comment as of presstime.

Regarding potential charges either Lopez or Julian Sanchez could face for the alleged solicitation, Asst. Police Chief of Operations Michael Galvan said, “That would be a totally different case altogether, though it isn’t something we’re going to investigate at this time.”

More information will become available once a court date is set. Delia Sanchez is charged with a class C misdemeanor, for which she could be fined an amount not to exceed $279.

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  1. Jack Ryan

    I’ve been monitoring this board and have yet to see why this splinter character believes this case is somehow reflective on Arturo Flors.

    1. Flores member

      Mr. Art Flores has no ties or wants to the Sanchez coulpe. He has distant himself from them for quite awhie now and is no longer a family member to that duo, quite especially referring to that pervert son of satan and so called undeserving judge that preys on helpless victims. If you want to attack Mr. Flores for personal reasons other than the ones at hand please do so in a courageous manner and not as a hidden coward. Mr. Jack Ryan, this of course is not a reply for you, but for the mouthy knowledge lacking splinter coward that lurks among the brave.

  2. Cindy Cacazos

    What did Arturo Flores do now?

  3. Splter

    Catching up to all Flores…right Mr. Arturi P. Flores?….

  4. S p'lter

    Well…karma is catching up to you Mr. Arturo P. Flores….

  5. DelaSera

    Maybe the SBCISD police chief, SR Garcia? Accused by an employee.

  6. Whaaaat?

    J.Hernandez, R.Garcia, D.Sanchez have recently been arrested? They’re all from the same political clique. When will Yliana be next?! Hmmm…

    1. sunchaz5

      Excuse me, but who is R. Garcia?

  7. Eliah

    Que verguenza!!! Judge Sanchez should be removed from office immediately! We demand an investigation for prostitution. $20 for oral sex? No wonder the man didn’t run for re-election. Hello!! And these people are supposed to be leaders and examples to our community?? I don’t think so!! Just like many so called educated people in this town, Delia Sanchez thought she was above the law just cause she is the “wife of Judge Julian Sanchez”? GIVE ME A BREAK! Welcome to earth Delia! Hello!! May this be a lesson learned that no matter who you are you cannot run over people just for who you think you are. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!

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