May 09 2012

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Teacher in video: ‘I’m married to God’

Managing Editor

SBCISDA teacher at San Benito’s ninth grade campus found herself on YouTube this week when a student recorded the educator announcing to her class that she’s “married to God.”

The San Benito News received a tip Tuesday evening about a video depicting a female electives teacher, who students commenting on the condition of anonymity have identified as a Ms. Parades, speaking in Spanish to ninth graders at Veterans Memorial Academy about her relationship with God.

The teacher in the video, which has since been taken down, makes statements such as, “I am married to God, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to my husband that’s here (on earth),” and “One of my eyes is mine and the other one belongs to God, so God is watching what you all are doing.”

One female student is shown in the video walking up to the teacher and staring into her eyes. Afterwards, the teacher then walks toward the back of the class and curiously holds her stomach.

The male student capturing the incident on video can be heard mocking his teacher throughout the 12-minute recording. The footage stops when an administrator, who as of yet has not been identified, entered the classroom and escorted the teacher out.

When asked to confirm the teacher’s identity in the video, San Benito CISD Superintendent of Schools Antonio G. Limón referred the News to a statement prepared by Community Relations Director Celia Longoria.

The statement reads:

“An incident involving a San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy teacher remains under review by campus and district officials.

Students in the classroom alerted other school personnel who responded by escorting the teacher out of the classroom during the recent incident.

San Benito CISD wants to assure the parents that a replacement teacher has been assigned to fulfill the classroom duties of the teacher in question and will remain there for the remainder of the school year.

The issue in question is considered a personnel matter, therefore, the district is not at liberty to disclose any additional information or divulge specific details about the district’s specific course of action.”

School officials have yet to comment on whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the teacher in the video, which can be seen below.

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  1. Secret

    she’s talking about the illuminati “The Eye”

  2. Vivian

    Could be schizophrenia? Very disturbing–has she been like this all year? Definitely needs help.

  3. Priscilla

    Wow this teacher really needs help or needs some counseling. Why can’t they just hire another person with a degree in spanish degree??!! Bad enough probably these freshman are all traumatized. This is not the first time this happens I strongly believe this teacher should be replaced.

  4. TONY

    So then why does the district pay so much money to the superintendent .He has to do his job once in a while does’nt he . Its not up to the the board .

  5. Henry

    Certain prescription medications may induce psychotic symptoms (i.e. anticonvulsants, chemotherapeutic agents, and anti-parkinsonian medications). However, if she had a reaction the first time, you would think she would be more careful about what drugs she takes. Of course, some street drugs also have the same symptoms as a reaction to medicine. And, schizophrenia is probably the most logical explanation as several of her students have stated that she always reacted “weird” in class and they just thought ‘she was doing drugs all the time”. So, it is not an isolated incident. SBCISD just picks and chooses who they want to cover up for because it is all about who knows who and that determines who keeps their jobs regardless of what they do. It is time that the citizens open their eyes and demand that the district clean house starting from the long-term school board members, the superintendent, and those teachers/staff that are not qualified to be teaching the students. They have degrees in areas so different than what they are teaching. Wake up San Benito and stop being “Shame Benito”.

    1. Naddina

      It has nothing to do with even though dangerous drugs!
      it has everything to do with an Evil religion that has committed crimes against humanity for 2,000. yrs.
      For some they have demons, others go insane because this is not a religion of truth.
      The only way to get real answers to life’s most complex questions are the Vedas Sanskrit Writings. From which all Worlds Religions were broken from.

  6. john cook

    This is same teacher that lost it a couple of months ago. What is she doing back in class. Do they need teachers that desperately or what. If i was a student i would not have gone back to class with the possesed teacher.

  7. Eliah

    So why didn’t the president of the board Yliana Rodriguez speak about this incident too? hmmmmmm Or is it that as usual Yliana Rodriguez is avoiding the media? And now she asking for our vote? I don’t think so!

    1. john cook

      Is not this the teacher that had gone crazy for being diabetic months ago. I think she is possesed or something. What would thet allow her back, she needs help.

    2. Henry

      You must be for the other camp because Medrano never made any statements when anything happened at schools, those old coots just sweep everything under the rug, you know this. This is about the students in the classroom being subjected to religious propaganda from an unstable individual, the district having full knowledge of it, and not taking any steps to correct it, but the district’s motto is ‘deny, deny, deny’.

    3. M.G.L.

      @Eliah, Why should she? It is the superintendent that is always releasing statements. Medrano never released statements.

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