Dragon Smirk

To the Editor,
I just got home from the San Benito City Commission meeting that went on tonight (2-1-11), and let me tell you I was very upset as to the way our mayor responded in regards to the logos on the water tower on Williams Road.

Right away his comments and smirking laughter on even thinking of putting a Dragons logo on the tower was a big “no.”

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting it along with the San Benito Greyhound on the opposite side. IDEA does pay taxes to the city; if I’m not mistaken they are planning on building a high school in the future.

There needs to be growth in this city and no need for one-sided minds. Congratulations to Mr. Gonzales for speaking up and trying to do what’s right for the city, and it’s unfortunate that some members are trying to keep things from him and only do what they want to do.

Citizens, get involved, attend the meetings and have a voice other than Mr. Gonzales.

P.S. Good job on deciding to try to find a place for the food pantry, they deserve a much better and safer building. Mrs. Garcia and her volunteers do so much for this city, in helping our hungry and needy. Keep fighting Commissioners Gonzales and Sanchez.
Reneé Cavazos
San Benito

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