Going to the Dogs

To the Editor,
The times I have used the Heaven Trail Park I have enjoyed the walks and jogging, I do. I think it’s a good venue for the people who want to exercise. The community needs it.

But lately the experience has not been good. There is too much dog feces at too many areas. I have had to side step too much dog doo-doo. And I have to hold my breath for long stretches of the trail. Sometimes the dog feces smell gets to the point I don’t want to go there anymore.

I think dog owners use it as an open toilet for their dogs. They don’t want their dogs to do their “business” at their homes so they use the park. Some owners with small dogs lay their dog just long enough to urinate then they pick them back up.

I see children playing at the same areas these dogs do their “business”. I can only imagine them stepping that stuff and tripping on to the ground and getting that stall all over them. This is why I have concluded that dogs should not be allowed at the park. It should be kept clean from dog feces and urination.

I know that any leash policy will not help the conditions I just described above. So just pass a policy that keeps dogs away. It will solve all the problems of people’s safety and dog altercations.

Today, I end with this: The park belongs to the people but lately it’s been going to the dogs.
Santiago Perez
San Benito

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