Food Pantry Needs Help

To the Editor,
I recently chaired a food drive for the San Benito Food Pantry on behalf of the CRABS Motorcycle Club at Fun N’ Sun RV Resort. We collected a very large number of food items to add to the supply at the food pantry. This gave me the opportunity to meet with Lidia Garcia and her dedicated group of volunteers. The work they do is phenomenal on behalf of San Benito citizens who are in desperate need of life’s essentials.

This year the number of families they assist has grown to more than 300 a week. This is double the number they served last year. They are doing this out of a building that is in deplorable condition. It is dark, over-crowded and in need of significant repairs. The leaking roof makes it impossible for them to use the entire space of the building. The space looks like something you would find in a third world country.

Surely, with all of the vacant building spaces in the city the city council should be able to assist them to find a more suitable space. I realize that there are many demands for taxpayer-funded activities but the needs of this organization are extreme and deserve attention. I have sent a similar letter to the officials in San Benito and would like to ask for the community’s help in support of this request.

Maila Hedin
San Benito

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    • concerned citizen on December 6, 2012 at 10:31 am
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    It has recently come to understanding that san benito will be loosing ther Ambulance service and going back to the old Service they voted out 10 years ago . Did we not learn from past mistaks of the long response time reponding from harlingen cause the trucks were always pulled out to take calls in that area. All san benito is doing is getting another ambulance for harlingen . If we go with another Ems provider at leased we now they will only be covering are city and will be station localy . Use your head people just cause its been 10 years does not mean they have changed . South padre island got ride of them to for I believe similar reasons they have also lost their helicopter and are unable to that service to the comunity . To me its like going back to a exwife that lied and cheated u just don’t do it.

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