An Auspicious Occasion

To the Editor,
The swearing in of Judge Carlos Cascos was quite an auspicious occasion. U.S. Senator John Cornyn took time from his busy schedule to do the officiating. There were many people there to honor our re-elected county judge, including new republican Aaron Peña from Edinburg.

Judge Cascos in his acceptance speech mentioned Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell and how in his own re-election bid he did not have the same problem, as to who the winner was. As you all may recall Mayor Boswell easily defeated his opponent in the mayoral bid last election in Harlingen. He further spoke of the Cameron County Workforce and how it has been recognized as having improved immensely since he has rearranged board members.

On a more humorous note he stated that up until the actual swearing in ceremony he was still being asked who the winner of the county judgeship was. As we may recall his opponent has yet to concede even though it no longer makes any difference. In my humble opinion Cameron County will have a great year. We have a new Congressman Blake Farenthold who will bring new enthusiasm with new ideas on how to bring Cameron County into a more prosperous South Texas area.

There was standing room only in the room designated for the swearing in. Things only get better as we rid ourselves of the old pachanga beer and a fajita for a vote. The voters want honesty and integrity plus transparency in county and city government.

Fred Rendon

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