A Thanksgiving Feast For All

NJROTC turkey pic

The San Benito Police Association provided turkey and all the trimmings to tenants and staff of the San Benito Public Housing Authority (PHA) at Palmville Tuesday at noon, this as part of the union’s annual sponsorship of the PHA’s Thanksgiving luncheon. (Staff photo by Michael Rodriguez) Officers with the San Benito Police Association are shown …

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From Behind the Camera

By JOE R. BOWLING, JR. Alas all good things must come to an end. Thus the Greyhound football season came to a halt last Friday against the Harlingen Cardinals. From the perspective of the guy that had a chance to announce very game it sure was a crazy ride. The team out of the gate …

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City seeks attorney qualifications

By MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ Affordability was one of the reasons she got the job, and now it may be why she could lose it. Less than two years after the San Benito City Commission contracted Jan Cassidy to serve as its attorney, qualifications are once again being sought for the position. The City of San Benito …

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Second suspect in shooting arrested

Miguel Tapia mug

By MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ The second suspect allegedly connected to a shooting that occurred in San Benito on Friday, Nov. 12 has been arrested, police confirmed Friday. Detective Arturo Flores of the San Benito Police Department (SBPD) reported that 19-year-old Miguel Tapia was arrested at his place of residence Thursday at 9 a.m. Flores said Tapia …

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Educators, students pitch in to make Special Olympics special

Special Olympics pic

All smiles
Smiling children was a common sight Wednesday at the Special Olympics, held in Miller Jordan Middle School. (Photo by Francisco E. Jimenez)

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Introducing …And The Hero Prevails

And the Hero Prevails pic

By FRANCISCO E. JIMENEZ Their mighty metal mallets will be raised in celebration of the release of “…And the Hero Prevails” – the self-titled debut album of a young rock outfit with local roots. …And the Hero Prevails will be having a free concert on Saturday, Nov. 27 in La Feria to mark the occasion. …

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