Operation Border Health to offer free care

By TONY VINDELL Special to the NEWS Operation Border Health/Preparedness is around the corner so get ready to receive a number of free health care services. House pets are also eligible to get treatment at zero cost from a team of experts from Texas A&M University in College Station. Formerly known as Operation Lone Star, …

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One family orchestra performs in McAllen

By RENE TORRES McAllen was the home of a one-family-orchestra that could make music to fill a full program as all seven family members were always in tune to deliver a concert for the citizens of McAllen. The widely known Porfirio Guerra family that included a tot as young as four-years-old formed a complete orchestra. …

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Assistant principal earns doctorate degree

CHRISTINA SOSA Special to the NEWS In May, as students from La Encantada celebrated end-of-term ceremonies, their assistant principal Lucas A. Gomez, walked across the stage in San Antonio to receive a diploma for a Doctorate of Education from Walden University. The San Benito native has served as assistant principal at the El Ranchito elementary …

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School board approves several appointments

By TONY VINDELL Special to the NEWS In an effort to improve its services and operations to the community, the school district, and its student body, a number of appointments were made by the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees. The board held four meetings on Monday, July 18, and approved the …

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City discusses action on vandalism

By DAVID LOPEZ Special to the NEWS After the First Responders Park and Stookey Park were vandalized last week, San Benito City Commissioners once again brought up the issue of prevention and prosecution of guilty parties. During Tuesday’s Regular City meeting, City Manager Manuel De La Rosa discussed what could be done about the issue …

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Rodriguez admits to trafficking meth

Special to the NEWS A 44-year-old San Benito resident has pleaded guilty to possessing with intent to distribute liquid meth, announced U.S. Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery last week. Pedro Rodriguez III pleaded guilty on July 14, 2022 to possessing, with intent to distribute, approximately 253.2 kilograms of liquid meth. On Jan. 11, 2022, law enforcement …

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Abrego begins med school with eye on community

By PETE BANDA Special to the NEWS Growing up in a small town like San Benito, many of the top students and athletes in the area set their sights on bigger cities from a young age. Despite having a highly ranked university less than an hour away, many Valley natives looking to make their mark …

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San Benito soldier dies in collision

By DAVID LOPEZ Special to the NEWS At 2 a.m. Saturday morning, Sgt. Matthew Fernandez was driving on the opposite side of Interstate 14 near the Fort Hood T.J. Mills exit when he struck an oncoming 2013 Kia Optima traveling westbound near the Highway 190 interchange, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. TXDoT …

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Flores takes educational experiences to Washington

By AMANDA SOTELO Special to the NEWS Newly sworn in congresswoman Mayra Flores, who hails from Los Indios and attended San Benito schools, recently made history for becoming the first Mexican-born woman to win a congressional seat and the first Republican in more than 150 years to represent the people of District 34 across deep …

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Tee-ballers create castles out of diamond dust

By RENE TORRES It is almost inevitable that as a Valley parent or grandparent that your grandchildren will one day join the ranks of tee-ballers. When that happens, your involvement in the game will no longer be at a distance; you’ll find yourself edging closer toward the white lines in hopes of making a difference …

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