Columbine survivor speaks at Rising Scholars Academy

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In April of 1999, the country was rocked by the deadliest school shooting in American history when two teens at Columbine High School went on a shooting spree and attempted to detonate two 20-pound propane bombs.

While the two shooters were terrorizing the school, Craig Scott was taking cover in the library with a group of friends. By the time the massacre came to an end, Scott learned he lost his sister after watching two classmates be gunned down in front of him.

The deadly events of that day have been covered extensively over the last 20 years as schools and communities look for ways of preventing similar situations from occurring.

Looking for a way to help with that effort, Scott has dedicated his life to publicly speaking out against bullying. After nearly 20 years of speaking to schools, Scott’s latest tour brought him to San Benito – where Scott was a guest speaker at South Texas Rising Scholars Academy last Friday.

During Scott’s speech, he touched on everything from his feelings of fear while hiding out in the library to his utter despair upon learning his sister, Rachel, lost her life during the shootings. His main message, however, is that every person is important and every person has value.

“What I have done over the past 22 years has been to try to use my story to help build up and encourage people around us to help teens with their pain,” said Scott. “I want to show that purpose can come from pain.”

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