Unauthorized access to Cameron County election personnel information reported

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Cameron County Election personnel and poll workers are receiving letters from Easy Vote, a company that provides poll worker management software to the Cameron County Election Office, notifying them that an unauthorized actor accessed certain files that may have contained their personal identification information.

The letter explains that after an investigation by the company that the online storage location files accessed contained some information that included names, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers of poll workers from Cameron County. Easy Vote has also been in communication with law enforcement agencies and are supporting their investigations.

Remi Garza, Cameron County Elections Administrator, stated, “We recognize that this is a serious situation and advise everyone who receives one of the letters to follow the recommendations provided by Easy Vote.

At this time, we do not know if the information was accessed with malicious intent nor if the information was duplicated and in a format that can be accessed at a later date.

We do know that not only has the Elections Office taken steps to prevent this type of unauthorized access from reoccurring, but that Easy Vote has taken additional protective measure to secure the information with which they were entrusted.”

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