Commission discusses RGV Epicenter tax zone and street repairs


The San Benito City Commission held a regular commission meeting and voted on a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) for the RGV Epicenter and street repairs on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
TIRZ Issues
During the public hearing regarding the TIRZ for the RGV Epicenter, San Benito resident Adan Oceguera said that he would like to see taxes go toward the general fund and for the commission to not approve the TIRZ.
“If we are giving them (the project developers) tax breaks with this reinvestment zone, that is money that is not going into the city,” Oceguera said.
Commissioner Pete Galvan questioned if the tax reimbursements within the epicenter TIRZ could go toward the residential subdivision near the project site.
“Certainly Schafer Road which borders the subdivision would be something that would be eligible for reimbursement,” City Attorney Mark Sossi answered. “When I was talking about streets within the subdivision that’s a different issue; the subdivision itself does not fall within the boundaries of the TIRZ.”
Sossi later explained how the reimbursements function.
“The amount of money that the investor will be able to get as a subsidy will be based on the difference and the appraised value between what’s there right now and what he builds,” he said.
Commissioner Rene Villafranco made a motion to approve the TIRZ resolution and was seconded by Commissioner Rene Garcia. The motion passed with a 4-1 vote. Galvan was the lone dissenter.

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    • Manuel garcia on November 8, 2021 at 6:10 pm
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    Funny they say that now but before they would say that the developer was going to fix Whalen rd from the frontage to Alden rd. These incompetent people don’t know their left foot from their right foot. Starting with the city manager down to the commission. Who do they know in LA gallina ubdivision or why is that subdivision favored. In last couple of yrs they have fixed south bowie from Turner to Wentz, south Travis from Ballenger to Turner, along Chapman from Fannin to Sam Houston, along Chapman from sombra to Fannin, south Fannin from Ballenger to I69, along Arlington from Ballenger to i69, San Patricio st . They fixed several streets now tell me why that subdivision is getting preference. What excuse can the city what legitimate excuse can they give when there are other streets that are in disarray. When you have incompetent people they show favoritism to certain people and neighborhoods. The city manager keeps getting raises and for what the city streets look like streets from Mexico and the lift stations haven’t been upgraded. That should reflect on the city manager as he runs the day to day operations. As for the commission they are all ignorant puppets that don’t have their personal lives together. How can they upkeep they city when they don’t even control their own lives.

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