Board discusses non-budgeted projects

Meeting in progress
The SBCISD school board is seen during their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 12. (Courtesy photo)


The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees discussed board-initiated projects not approved for in the 2021-2022 budget during a regular board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 12.
Board member Dr. Ariel Cruz raised concerns about the projects and questioned when is the best time to plan for non-budgeted items.
“For example, the parking lot at UTEX is $1.2 million, which is a big venture we are having to move from our fund balance,” Cruz said. “In the future if there is a big project like this, when would you want us to come to a board meeting with this?
Vicki Perez, SBCISD Assistant Superintendent of Financial & Operations, answered around March and April would be the best time to plan for large projects.
SBCISD Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman explained that the school board should track ongoing expenditures such as salaries because they are built into the following year’s budget.
“Those ongoing expenses are the ones that are the challenge. The one time purchases—if we know we put in $14 million last year and we have to take out $2-3 million of our fund balance, we know we are going to be okay,” Carman said.

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