Commission votes to assess three lift stations


On July 20, the San Benito City Commission voted to assess three lift stations during a regular commission meeting.
The three lift stations, one located at 1 Camino Boulevard, one at 777 W. Business 77, and the other at 267 Colorado Drive will be assessed by Hanson Professional Services Inc.
City Manager Manuel De La Rosa noted that it is better to use the same company for all the projects because it makes it easier to move the project forward.
The lift station behind Dale Carwash will likely be decommissioned and converted into a manhole.
“The property behind the Sonic and the Dale Carwash will have more usable land if we can get an easement line sanitary sewer, and there will be more electricity savings if we can get rid of that lift station and make it into an oversized manhole,” De La Rosa said.
Galvan asked if the decommissioning of one of the Camino lift stations will affect the area. The wet well will still exist there, so it will not lose capacity in that area De La Rosa answered.

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