Aguilera lawsuit terminated by Court


Rosana Aguilera’s lawsuit against the City of San Benito and Mayor Ricardo Guerra was terminated on June 29.
Guerra and his counsel moved to dismiss the claims alleged against him in Aguilera’s second amended complaint. According to the order, no response to the motion was filed by Aguilera, so the court considered her failure to respond as an indication that had she agreed with the relief requested in the motion. A response was required by June 18 the order states.
“Based on the record and the applicable law, the Court concludes that all causes of action by Aguilera alleged against Mayor Guerra should be dismissed,” the order reads.
On April 9, Aguilera filed a second amended complaint which added Guerra as a defendant to the case.
On May 7, Judge Fernando Rodriguez Jr., granted Aguilera a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which reinstated her to the housing authority board. The TRO states that she will remain a member of the housing board until the completion of her current term or removal in compliance with Texas Local Government Code Section 392.041.

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