Sandy Romeros scholarship funds local students for a decade

Award winners
Shown are the recipients of the Sandy Romeros Memorial Scholarship from L-R Jose Hernandez, Haley Diaz, and Madelyn Cole.
(Courtesy photo)


The Sandy Romeros Memorial Scholarship has rewarded some of San Benito High School’s seniors for its 10th year in a row.
Sandy Romeros was a longtime nurse in San Benito, at Dolly Vinsant Hospital, and a pillar of the community, her daughter, Norma Romeros said. Sandy Romeros died on March 11, 2013. Before she died, her family created the perseverance scholarship fund in her honor. The scholarship fund began in 2011 and has continued awarding students ever since.
Each year three to seven students are awarded the scholarship, typically valued between $500 to $1,000. According to Romeros, the scholarship is funded by donations from the community. The amount of reward money and the number of recipients is dependent on how much donation money the fund had received that year.
This year there were three recipients, each received $1,000. The recipients were recent SBHS graduates: Madelyn Cole, Haley Diaz, and Jose Hernandez. According to Romeros, the scholarship has awarded about $25,000 to students over 10 years.

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