City Commission allocates CDBG funds for 2021-2022


The San Benito City Commission discussed the allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the 2021-2022 fiscal year during a regular commission meeting on Tuesday, June 15.
San Benito Assistant City Manager, Fred Bell, presented the 2021-2022 draft of the annual action plan for the (CDBG) funds. According to Bell, the total award is $390,501. He then explained that $212,741 is preallocated to street improvement debt payment, $39,996 is preallocated to the Resaca Trail property payment, and $78,700 for overall administration. Three nonprofit organizations Maggie’s and Monica’s House, Amigos Del Valle, and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) requested funding.
Amigos Del Valle requested $55,000, Maggie’s and Monica’s House requested $8,000, and CASA requested $20,000. According to Bell, staff recommended to award the organizations with an equal amount of funding—$8,000 to each — while the remainder, $38,064, of the fund will go toward general park improvements.
Commissioner Pete Galvan asked what exactly the CDBG funds pay for in overall administration.
Bell answered that it pays for the full-time coordinator, a small percentage of Bell’s salary, all publications, and all supplies.
A motion was made by Garcia to pass as the CDBG action plan as recommended by staff—$8,000 across the board to CASA, Amigos del Valle, and Monica and Maggie’s House—and seconded by Galvan. The motion was passed unanimously.
Mayor Ricardo Guerra agreed with staff recommendations but emphasized that city park upgrades must be completed.
Bell explained to the commission that funds are sometimes pulled from previous fiscal years. According to Bell, the remaining monies typically come from overall administration. He also clarified that staff knows where every CDBG dollar is because the city could get into difficulties with the federal government if they don’t report it correctly.

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