Hernandez signs with Bethany College to play football

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Elijah Hernandez signs his letter of intent to play football at Bethany College surrounded by his family and coaches. (Photo by Louie Diaz)


San Benito Greyhound football star quarterback, Elijah Hernandez, signed his letter of intent to the Bethany College Bisons on Tuesday, June 15.
Hernandez began his football journey at a young age.
“I joined my first league when I was three-years-old and I never quit football since,” he said.
Hernandez has not had the opportunity to visit the school yet. However, he plans to visit the college sometime later in July. He has also been in contact with the coaching staff since January.
Hernandez was drawn to sign with Bethany College for the opportunity to play at the next level.
“I was drawn to sign with them for one the experience, two for football, and three for my education,” Hernandez said. “They have what I want, so I’m going to go study and play over there.”
Hernandez is driven by his supportive family and his two uncles that were not able to play at the collegiate level. While on the team, Hernandez learned how to be a leader.
“To become a better leader, you have to become a better listener,” Hernandez said. “If you just stay stuck on your point of view, you’re not going to be able to see anyone else’s.”
During his four years on the team, Hernandez racked up some major accomplishments. He was selected first team all-district quarterback for the 32-6A, was selected to play in the third annual Texas high school all-star game, and earned the title of offensive back of the year. In the shortened 2020 football season, Hernandez led the ’Hounds to the playoffs, but fell to the Mission Eagles in the first round.

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