City hosts its second food truck event

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The second Resaca City Food Court happened this past weekend. The city voted to host three more food truck events during the year. (Photo by Louie Diaz)


During the weekend of May 29-30, the City of San Benito hosted its second food truck event of the year dubbed Resaca City Food Court.
Around eight different food vendors came to the event. David Favila, the San Benito Public Relations Director, said that the vendors that attended were Rolling Smoke BBQ, La Tia, TX Food Coma, Asados La Carreta, La Chatita, Polo Norte, Prime Time BBQ, and Texas Squeeze Lemonade. Prime time BBQ and Texas Squeeze Lemonade only attended one day, the rest of the vendors attended both days.
According to Favila, the cost per vendor permit was $30 for Saturday and $20 for Sunday. The rates are subject to change. Favila also noted that none of the vendors specified the quantity of their sales but mentioned that they sold well during the event.
The food trucks were stationed at the EDC parking lot, which is adjacent to Heavin Memorial Park. During the first food court event, trucks parked on the grass near the amphitheater. The event also featured a DJ instead of live music.

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