City workers begin fumigation efforts following uptick in mosquitoes


After two weeks of rain, swarms of mosquitoes have popped up across the city to annoy San Benito’s populace.
On Monday, May 24 the City began spraying for mosquitos and will continue as needed. According to San Benito Public Relations Director, David Favila, the majority of fumigation takes place early in the morning or late at night when mosquito activity is at its highest and the wind is calm. High wind speeds and rain prohibit mosquito spraying, Favila mentioned. The city is divided into four different zones to guarantee that the city is fully covered. In areas with standing water, a larvicide will be used as well.
According to Favila, a commercial-grade, low-odor pesticide approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture is being used by the city. Fumigation efforts are done internally, Favila noted. City staff is trained and certified to operate the fumigation equipment. The City will actively spray for mosquitos on public streets as needed until the mosquito population decreases.
The four zones are as follows: Zone 1 North side of expressway 77/83 to Business 77 from Whalen Road to the resaca; Zone 2 is located from the south side of Expressway 77/83 from F.M. 509 to F.M. 732; Zone 3 is designated from South Business 77, North Expressway 83 to F. M. 732; and Zone 4 is located from the North side of Business 77 from F.M. 509 to F.M. 510.

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