Flood Zone: Severe storms cause flash floods

Heavy Rain
Shown is a flooded street in a residential area in San Benito after severe thunderstorms on May 19. 


Heavy thunderstorms have hit South Texas hard these past two weeks which caused flash floods in San Benito and other areas throughout the Valley.
The US National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings in effect across the Valley. The National Weather Service, predicted 1-3 inches of precipitation, with some areas receiving 4-5 inches of rain on May 19.
On Wednesday, May 19, flash floods hampered services such as garbage pickup, which were delayed due to flooding. The Texas Department of Transportation advised that people should not drive if streets are flooded.
A week earlier, on May 12, it was reported by the National Weather Service that Harlingen and Brownsville saw over three inches of rain. Thunderstorms on May 12 also knocked out power for about 2,200 customers in San Benito, as reported by AEP Texas.

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