High school students tour SpaceX


Rio Hondo High School students visited SpaceX facilities in Boca Chica on Thursday, April 1.
RHHS students, along with other high schools from the Valley, were invited to tour SpaceX facilities at Boca Chica. Earlier this month, high school students from Los Fresnos toured the facilities, Rio Hondo ISD Superintendent Roger Ellis said.
According to Ellis, the idea came from SpaceX directors themselves. On March 11, Ellis and other area superintendents took a tour of SpaceX facilities where they proposed the idea of having thousands of students visit the facilities by the end of the school year.
About 50 students from RHHS took a tour of the facilities. According to Ellis, SpaceX said to send 50 of their brightest students on the tour. RHHS sent 10 people from each grade level and a few more who wanted to join. The tour lasted about an hour and a half to two hours. Students followed COVID-19 protocols during the tour. According to Ellis, pictures are not allowed to be taken during the tour because SpaceX is secretive at the site.

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