Cameron County drive-thru tax lanes set to begin operation


The Cameron County drive-thru tax lanes located on Sam Houston Boulevard will be open soon and available to taxpayers to use.
In November 2020, the Cameron County Commissioners’ Court purchased the San Benito Bank and Trust building along with drive-thru lanes across the street for $500,000. According to David Favila, San Benito’s public relations director, the San Benito bank building was previously operated by Capital One. Renovations to the lanes began in January earlier this year.
According to Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector, Tony Yzaguirre Jr., the drive-thru lanes will open shortly after they receive state computers to conduct title transfers and license renewals.
“As soon as the equipment is in, we’ll open within the next 24 hours,” Yzaguirre said.
The drive-thru lanes will be open on Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will be open during lunch hours.

According to a press release, payments on property taxes, contract agreements, issue registration renewals, TABC payments/renewals and/or collections for VIT will be conducted at the drive-thru lanes. The drive-thru lanes are located at 199 S. Sam Houston Blvd.
According to Favila, no city funds were applied to renovate the drive-thru lanes; all the work was paid for by Cameron County.
The renovations to the San Benito Bank and Trust building will happen later. According to Yzaguirre, the interior of the building must be completely remodeled. However, the outside of the building will remain the same.

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