Former mayor on the road to recovery


A former Mayor of San Benito is on the road to recovery after suffering a brain aneurysm early this February.
On Wednesday, Feb. 3, former mayor and mayor candidate this last election, Celeste Sanchez was hospitalized and treated after suffering a brain aneurysm. She underwent surgery at Valley Baptist Medical Center on the morning of Feb. 4.
According to Dr. Olivia Rivas, Sanchez’s sister, Sanchez is recovering nicely and will be dismissed on Friday, March 5. Rivas noted that Sanchez has responded well to her rehabilitation exercises and will continue with outpatient rehabilitation services after she is released.
“The doctors of VB [Valley Baptist] Hospital have been so professional in keeping the family informed every step of the way during her stay,” Rivas said. “The therapists have helped her with her physical and speech initial difficulties which have now begun to dissipate.”
Rivas went on to praise the health professionals that have worked with Sanchez and other stroke victims.
“We believe that these health professionals at VB [Valley Baptist] Hospital who work with stroke victims are the very best,” Rivas said. “We are grateful that her stroke was a mild stroke with minimum lasting effects.”

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