Rio Hondo street under repair


Starting Feb. 8 through July 2021, the City of Rio Hondo will be performing pavement rehabilitation to Mesquite Street.
According to a public notice by the City of Rio Hondo, the pavement rehabilitation will only be done to Mesquite Street. While under construction, the street will be partially or fully closed during that duration. According to the notice, no street closure is expected to last over 12 hours. Street parking will be restricted, and access to driveways may be prohibited for most of the day during paving operations. Mesquite Street runs approximately one mile from N. Arroyo Boulevard to Robertson Street.
According to Rio Hondo City Administrator, Ben Medina, the project has been in planned for about a year. Medina also noted that the repavement will cost $275,000 from community development block grant and about $100,000 from the city’s general fund, totaling $375,000. The money for this project was budgeted during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.
Fixing the city’s streets has been a priority for the public, Medina mentioned.
“It’s part of our public hearing and street reconstruction is a top priority,” Medina said. “Not only from our citizens, but from our Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council—which funds and supports our applications.”

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