San Benito runner places 4th in District



Rogelio Gomez is a 17-year old senior who attends San Benito High School and is passionate about running. Love for running has bolted through his veins ever since he could remember. At a UIL 6A district 32 meet at San Benito High School on October 30, he was able to record his best time, with a record time of 15:57.3 in a 5,000-metres run, and he placed fourth overall.
After applying himself over the summer and fervently following a strict diet with great discipline, he was able to break his previous best record of 17.24.5 in a 5,000-metre race, through way of the Mercedes Invitational at the Mercedes Livestock Show Grounds On September 7, 2019.
Gomez said, “My playlist consists of mainly Eminem on all my runs, his music really pumps me up. I just get a different feeling when I run to it.”
Gomez added, “There was times some mornings where I didn’t feel like going and wondered if this was even going to work, but I always felt that with a strong mindset, I could accomplish anything, so I just pushed myself until I started seeing the fruits of my labor at the races.”


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