City complies with shelter-in-place, will not freeze utilities


The City of San Benito is following all county orders for shelter-in-place and urging residents to do the same.
Emergency Management Coordinator Fred Bell spoke in front of commissioners during Tuesday’s Special City Commission meeting.

“Choosing to refuse to comply with county orders will have consequences,” Bell said. “You can still walk in your neighborhood, but you are expected to comply with social distancing requirements,” he added.

Commissioner Rene Villafranco asked Bell about the parks, specifically the Heavin Trail, saying that many people walk and run there every day and if that was still available.

“Parks are closed,” replied Bell.

The NEWS sent an email inquiring about the state of utilities in the City, seeing as the temporary closing of businesses has left residents without jobs and without an income to pay their services.

Chief of Police and Emergency Management Coordinator Fred Bell replied, “At this time there is no ‘freeze’ on utility payments, which includes water and sewer. The City does not own the electric company and has no authority to regulate payment requirements. Additionally, the City is under contract with Republic Services, a private corporation, for garbage collection. At this time, there is no deviation from the terms of the contract.”

Editor’s note: This article has been edited for length. To read the full story, click here or make sure to grab a copy of the March 27 –April 2, 2020 issue of the NEWS.

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    • Johnny Joe Jones on April 7, 2020 at 12:56 pm
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    Do I still have to pay the city property taxes if I was effected by the COVID-19 ? Or will they be waved ?

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