City lowers rate for infant plots

Infant cemetery
Pictured is the City of San Benito Memorial Park Cemetery on a cloudy February afternoon. (Photo by Freddy Jimenez)

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At a special meeting on Tuesday, the San Benito City Commission decided to lower the price of infant/child burial plots to bring them on par with other cemeteries in the area.

Mayor Benjamin Gomez said he requested the special meeting to discuss the ordinances and the prices of the plots.

City officials said the changing of the prices for infants and babies would bring them in line with other cemeteries in the region such as Roselawn and Buena Vista Cemeteries.

At a previous meeting announcing the addition of a section for children in the cemetery, commissioners said they wanted to give families the option so that they would not have to pay the full price of a regular-sized lot. Adult burial plots were set at $950 and infant/child burial plots at $375.

Infant/child burial plots will now cost only $195, and adult burial plots will remain at $950.

At the special meeting, City officials also set up prices for urns and double-urns after comparing them with other local cemeteries.

City commissioners set prices for a new urn of 2 feet by 18-inch at $195, and a double urn, 2 feet by 30-inch, at $390.

In a previous meeting, City Manager Manuel De la Rosa said Phase II Section “A” has 576 spaces measuring 4×9-feet; a new urn lawn would have 504 plots with a 24×18-inch each; a new double-urn lawn has 25 with a 24×30-inch size, and there are 312 spaces for the baby/infant lawn measuring 24×40-inch each plot.

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