Letter to the Editor–Kick Them. Kick Them. Kick Them

To The Editor,

I am not a fan of the school board president but I would not sign a petition to remove him based on a DWI or being an alleged drunk.

If a doctor was caught and charged with a DWI or being drunk, would he be disqualified to practice being a doctor?

If my father or brother or sister was charged with a DWI or some other similar charge, would he or she be disqualified to practice any profession?

I saw the names of the people who are heading the removal drive. They all have skeletons. Some of their skeletons are bigger than others. I have skeletons.

If you think you have a small skeleton I can amplify it to a big humongous skeleton.

These people are just kicking a guy when he is down.

The only thing they will accomplish is showing the next generation to be vindictive and draconian towards our own citizens. Rarely can a parent dictate the next generation’s predilections of their choosing. It’s a hit and miss thing with every son or daughter.

Personally, I think they are trying to open up a position in the school board for themselves or somebody else to get on the gravy train. I have noticed that some people use the position to milk off the taxpayers like habitual welfare recipients.

They produce nothing, they improve nothing, and are not embarrassed to be on the gravy train.

And my advice to those petition signors: Do your best. Take everybody to court. We will know who to trust as a virtuous member of our community. Kick them. Kick them. Kick them, and me also if you want.

“He who is without sin may throw the first stone.”

Santiago Perez
San Benito


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    • Sheep NO MORE on November 14, 2019 at 9:02 am
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    Rep Alex Dominguez will be hosting a Food and Drink get together in Brownsville this week. With that said, I think MANY SB CITIZEN TAXPAYERS will NOT ATTEND. And probably be on the SIDELINES ON ELECTION DAY. Does he think WERE IGNORANT TO THE FACT of the issues with the School Board President?

    • Former RGV LEO! on November 12, 2019 at 8:38 pm
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    Mr. Perez, you make good points BUT you missed the issue on the petition. First of all, this individual ran for a position to do some good for the students of SBCISD. The purpose of running for an office is to do good things and set examples. Second, this position automatically makes him a role model and thus whatever he does out in public will be scrutinize no matter what it is. It is just like LEO’, they are role models and they are held to a higher standard, no matter what. So when an LEO is arrested for something as simple as Misdemeanor B, his career is over. Yes, they can go to court and fight it and be found guilty BUT it will not change the attitude of the public or much less fellow colleagues.
    We all have skeletons in our closet. The only difference is, was it discovered or aired out in public?
    If this individual had any morale ethical values, HE should resign!

    • Phishing for something on November 8, 2019 at 3:17 pm
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    Mr Perez has a point. A good one at that. But, as a parent, I want my child to KNOW that there are CONSEQUENCES when you BREAK THE LAW. STIFF PENALTIES AND FINES CAN HURT FINANCIALLY. Mr Vargas is NOT EMPLOYED BY THE DISTRICT. As a COMMUNITY LEADER he should’ve STEPPED ASIDE. Wants to keep his INTEGRITY, contribute to the community in another way, UNLESS HE IS BENEFITTING FINANCIALLY?

    • Martin V on November 8, 2019 at 2:25 pm
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    Santiago Perez… ALLLL your BLAH blah…. U wouldn’t be sending that letter to be published if the board president killed one of your family .. or friends… Furthermore… Your so. Overprotective of him.. there must something in it for you to write a letter of “support” or whatever for this fool. .. lol. Yea.. kick him …KICK HIM OUT!

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