Garza to Challenge Sheriff Omar Lucio in March Election

Cameron County District Clerk Eric Garza seen announcing his bid for County Sheriff against Omar Lucio.

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In a surprise announcement on Thursday at Sunrise Mall’s Adolios Restaurant in Brownsville, current Cameron County District Clerk Eric Garza launched his candidacy for the top lawman post in the county.

Surrounded by sympathizers, some elected officials, and family, Garza, said it was time for a new sheriff in town in a clear reference to long-time Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

“Now it’s time for a change,” Garza said. “I’m proud to announce my candidacy for Cameron County Sheriff. It’s time for something better for the county, for the employees, and for our citizens.”

Garza, 45, is a graduate of Texas Southmost College, has a real estate license, and a peace officer license. Garza, who’s been the county clerk for the past five years, said running for sheriff of Cameron County has been a long life dream since he became a peace officer in 2010. He added that he has all the credentials and certifications for the position.

“I went to the academy and I was at the top of my class,” said Garza, who’s been working for Cameron County since age 17.

With a background in administration and accounting, Garza said he understands how the system works between the jails, the sheriff’s office, and the district clerk’s office.

Garza believes the current administration of the sheriff’s office is not managing taxpayers’ money efficiently.

“I know how the whole administration (of Cameron County) works and that’s what I want to fix,” he said. “Right now they did an increase of taxes of four percent. This has been happening for the past ten years.”

State Rep. Eddie Lucio III, a Democrat who introduced him at the announcement, said Garza has developed a culture of service as head of the Cameron County Clerk’s office.

“I’ve had an opportunity to work with him for a few years now,” Lucio said. “He’s engaged not only on the work he does but on his public service with the community.”

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    • William Olt on July 14, 2020 at 10:39 am
    • Reply

    Agreed, as a republican, I’m excited seeing the veil being lifted from RGV Democrats eyes and they are discerning the TRUTH that the Democrats policies and ideals are NOT working for the people. With my political rhetoric said.

    I have NOTHING but respect for Sherrif Lucio, who age wise is on his way out, but this “clerk” is NOT experienced enough to to LEAD. Law enforcement officers effectively, he’s kidding himself to think otherwise, and THAT self deception on his part is why I’m proudly voting to re elect Sherrif Lucio👍

    Garza, I wanna give you a shot, but we have NO REASON to have confidence in your abilities, yet.

    • ALFREDO GALINDO on March 5, 2020 at 9:54 pm
    • Reply

    For Eric it’s just a dream to be sherif but the credentials he shows are weak. To be a good clerk does not make you ready to lead the most important group of law enforcers in the community. That post is earned in the field not in the office. Cameras and computers are good tools, but to know your community and manage your workforce in the field is priceless and people should know that. Now, corruption accusations not substantiated become issues against Eric, not on his favor.

    • Juan on January 9, 2020 at 4:59 pm
    • Reply

    I think that doesn’t have as much experiences as Sheriff Omar Lucio.

    • Da Desk Jock on November 3, 2019 at 5:50 pm
    • Reply

    So since I have a certification in Network Security and System Engineering, does that make me a computer genius? This the idea of Mr Garza being a lawman is more laughable than me being the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates! Mr Garza should stay where he belongs in a office filled with paperwork rather than coordinating and administrating men and women who lay their lives on the line every day they work. Sheriff Lucio may not be a knight in shining armor, but he is what we have right now, and that is the closest we have to it!

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