Liquid woes: Water worries community at San Benito Schools


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Anielou Garcia harbors fears about the water students are drinking at San Benito High School.

Garcia, a resident and a parent in San Benito, requested the school board to provide the basic needs for the students like water, food, and bus transportation, during a regular board meeting Aug. 19.

“They (kids) should be able to play outside during playground or practice…,” Garcia said. “You guys don’t supply (clean) water for our children. It’s parents and grandparents that have to come and bring and get them water.”

Garcia said it’s nice to know the district is providing new technology, but she a dded that they need to take care of the essentials for a healthy living. She said that most parents have to buy bottled water because the water in many schools isn’t appropriate for the children.

“I’m glad you are doing the pool and the performing center,” she said. “But, what about the basic needs, the water they are drinking? I get letters about the conditions of the water. It’s not healthy water.”

Garcia said it’s not only at the high school but other schools as well.

“I’m here today about the safety and security,” Garcia said. “Our kids’ safety is our priority.”

After the meeting, board member M. L. Garcia assured Anielou Garcia that she will be checking about the water conditions at the high school. M. L. Garcia also said the district is purchasing filters for many of the schools where water pollution is bad. In a previous meeting, the school board approved about $50,000 for the purchase of filters.

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    • José M. Ybarra on August 30, 2019 at 8:47 am
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    Have we not learned from Flint Michigan? Infrastructure is a key essential for Our next generation, are we not going to make the necessary repairs and updates to the water distribution system to ensure safe drinking water for our children? The schools have to update the necessary water and sewer lines within the schools and the city needs to update the water distribution and sewer system. It’s a process but we have to start now.

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