We’re Better Than Michael Vargas, Right?

Pictured above is a photo which apparently Micheal Vargas posted on his social media of him at the Dead Sea. The can in his right hand resembles the Israeli beer Goldstar.

I wonder if the apologists of embattled SBCISD School Board President Michael Vargas would be so laissez-faire regarding the board president’s recent DWI arrest if someone they know or love fell victim of Vargas’ actions and decision on that early fateful morning of July 5th when, according to Harlingen Police, Vargas decided to get behind the wheel while allegedly intoxicated.

I do, however, believe that the vast majority of taxpayers are either embarrassed, ashamed, outraged, or a little bit of each with regards to Vargas’ recent behavior and the school board’s lack of urgency in addressing the arrest, let alone taking any type of disciplinary action against Vargas. Since his arrest, the board has met twice, including this week for a special meeting. They will meet again on Tuesday at the administration building. I encourage you to attend and make your voices heard before, during and after the meeting in any and all forms possible, but especially to the people who can make a difference, namely the trustees. Trustees ML Garcia and Angel Mendez have had enough of the shenanigans and are going to ask for a reorganization of the board, effectively calling for an open vote among the trustees to elect members to the board’s leadership positions, in effect putting the board members on the spot for all to see who stands with Vargas, seemingly at all costs, and who’s willing to finally take a stand and do what’s right, in this case, by at least removing Vargas as board president. And while the gesture may not seem like much — it’s a far cry from having him completely removed from the board –it’s a step, albeit a symbolic step, in trying to stop the hemorrhaging of shame and embarrassment this district and community has endured during the Vargas/Carman tenure which has made us, let’s be honest, the laughing stock of the Valley.

The question is which other board members will stand with Mendez and Garcia. Truth be told, your guess is as good as mine. The good news, however, is that we shouldn’t be surprised if this item finds itself on the agenda time and again until some type of resolution is found.

As far as Vargas is concerned, he continues to display odd, reckless, and even troubling behavior that has now seeped into his actions on the board as we understand based on what occurred this past week when M.L. Garcia was apparently dressed down during executive session during this week’s special meeting. She reportedly left the executive session in near tears of frustration after apparently feeling bullied and intimated by one or more members of the board and/or administration after certain people or one person in particular accused her of leaking information discussed during executive session.

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