SBCISD board member leaves Executive Session in tears


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During a closed session of a Special Meeting of the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District, board member M. L. Garcia left Monday night’s Executive session in near tears alleging that her nephew, Jack Garcia, was being unfairly treated behind closed doors.

“I’m not even talking to Jack,” the News overheard M. L. Garcia inside the board chambers. “I don’t even know who Tony Conners is, I don’t.”

Apparently, someone told Garcia that she should not be at the meeting.

Although the school board did not mention Jack Garcia’s name on the items on the agenda for private consultation, it was common knowledge that it would be one of the issues dealt with behind closed doors.

Garcia, the former SBCISD Director of After School Programs and a former San Benito mayor, was among the crowd in attendance of the open meeting before the closed session.

SBCISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nate Carman fired Garcia earlier this year after he made a purchase of a group rate flight tickets to take more than 50 students to a chess competition in Houston.

Carman claimed Garcia made the purchase without authorization and also wanted Garcia to refund the $17,000 spent on the tickets.

Before the school board went into executive session on Monday night’s Special Meeting, the News spoke briefly with Garcia regarding whether he thought his case would be in executive session.

“They are going to,” Garcia said when asked whether the school board will be discussing his case. “I know.”

After his termination, Garcia filed an appeal to get his job back with Edward “Tony” Conners, an Austin-based lawyer. Apparently, the appeal is in the final phase.

According to Garcia, there have been discussions for the past two to three months. He added that the board was probably going to be talking about some options on the table.

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  1. Michael Vargas is the one that needs to EXIT the door!
    Someone should contact MADD to come give some of these school board members whom choose to turn the other way a good lecture on why Michael is the worst
    role model and decision maker for our children

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