Mayor Pro Tem’s husband accused of harassment and intimidation


Alfonso Benavides, local activist and spokesperson for the family of Ricardo Treviño, the 21-year-old San Benito resident who was shot and killed by San Benito police officers on Dec. 7 of 2018, has filed a police report accusing David Lee Hernandez, the husband of San Benito Mayor Pro Tem Carol Lynn Sanchez, of harassment and intimidation after, Benavides said, he was approached by Hernandez outside City Hall during last week’s regular city commission meeting on March 19.
“While I was outside having a cigarette, (Hernandez) came out here with his kid, and he said ‘Hey I don’t appreciate the things you’ve been saying about my wife,’ and ‘You don’t know me’ (in Spanish), like he was threatening me,” said Benavides.
Surveillance footage was shot from inside City Hall facing the building’s back entrance and another camera recorded video from the parking lot where the interaction can be seen. From the first camera, Benavides is seen walking out of the door and turning left during the beginning of city officials’ executive session. Hernandez is then seen entering the building from that door with a child in his arms and another child walking alongside him. Footage shows that he entered the building’s bathroom and came out shortly after, exiting the building’s back door and turning left towards where Benavides was seen headed earlier. From the outside camera, Hernandez is seen approaching and talking to Benavides, and soon after Benavides is seen entering the building. That is when he called San Benito Police Captain Mario Perea to deal with the situation. Captain Perea and Benavides stepped outside while Hernandez moved away from the interaction. The footage ended.
Mayor Pro Tem Carol Lynn Sanchez was contacted for comment from either her or her husband, but she declined.


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    This guy used to practically live at PRC (boot camp) when we were in school.

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    You realize your first paragraph is one long sentence?

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