Mar 08 2019

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Summer After School Program reveals over $134,000 deficit

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A lightning presentation by school officials exposed a $134,100 deficit for the 2019 summer during a San Benito Consolidated Independent School District curriculum committee discussion meeting Tuesday.

Although district administrators admitted that they would have to implement some cuts, like reducing hours to staff and increasing the ratio between students and teachers and paraprofessionals, they said all students using the program won’t be affected.

School officials also said the deficit is because the district lost one of two grants that support the summer program. The federal funds lost are approximately $300,000.

“We were able to fund these projects through the grants,” said Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services Hector Madrigal. “However, this year we lost a grant or expired.”


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  1. Former San Bene taxpayer

    With all that’ been happening in the SBICSD? I wonder if this Cayman guy was brought in to chop off heads? After the fiasco with Jack Garcia at the board meeting, the next day there were numerous terminations of personnel? Why?
    We all know that school districts are political in nature, nepotism is rampant and former teachers becoming superintendents “ARE” just the wrong mix to deal with school finances, proven fact!

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