Mar 08 2019

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Citizens present petition for chief’s removal

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Activist speaks out –
Alfonso Benavides, a local activist and spokesperson for the Treviño family, is shown at a City Commission meeting held on Tuesday, March 5 addressing Commissioners and the Mayor regarding Ricardo Treviño’s fatal shooting that occurred on Dec. 7 of last year.

The family of recently deceased 21-year-old Ricardo Treviño presented a petition to the Mayor and City Commissioners during a regular city meeting Tuesday, requesting the removal of San Benito Police Chief Michael R. Galvan.

“We, the undersigned citizens of San Benito…have composed this letter to express our dissatisfaction with the current Chief of Police,” read the “Vote of No Confidence” letter that was accompanied by over 100 signatures from members of Treviño’s family and the community.

Ricardo Treviño was shot and killed by police officers on December 7 after a high speed chase ended in the El Ranchito area. The identifications of the participating officers have not been released by the City while the incident is investigated by the Texas Rangers. According to Ricardo Navarro, the attorney assigned by the Texas Municipal League to advise the City on the matter, said Chief Galvan did provide a statement to lawyers and to the Rangers regarding his participation in the shooting, but no further details have been released.

The letter expressed another incident as further proof of Chief Galvan’s alleged “incompetence:” the death of Marta Moreno in November. “In both cases [including Treviño’s incident] the police department ignored current policies and procedures outlined in the police manual having to do with missing persons and police pursue outside city-limits for non-felony crime,” read the letter. Marta Moreno was a retired teacher suffering from dementia who went missing and was later found dead in San Benito. The letter, however, did not further specify the accusations unto police regarding Moreno’s case.


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1 comment

  1. Former San Bene taxpayer

    Its about time that the citizens of San Benito are taking action to get rid of this arrogant idiot! Its bad enough that this so-called protector of the people is telling certain individuals not to worry and that nothing will be done to those involved in the shooting.
    This galvan is more arrogant when he got away with recording certain individuals from the community and the retain his position. This guy must have used some of those recordings to ensure that he retain his position?
    People in Palm Valley, where this guy resides “dislike” him as their alderman. They say that he is a pain in the meetings and they ll know that he wants the gravy job as Chief for Palm Valley.

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