Multiple investigations on shooting underway


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Three investigations on San Benito police officers involved in the shooting and death of 21-year-old Rick Treviño on December 7 are in progress but are far from being closed, officials said.

According to city of San Benito attorney Ricardo Navarro, the Texas Rangers are conducting a criminal investigation on whether the use of force by law enforcement personnel was in acceptable standards, such that the use of force was justified.

Navarro was assigned by the Texas Municipal League to consult and advise the city of San Benito through any civil service investigations that will be conducted and to service the city’s legal council if there’s a civil demand made due to the incident involving Treviño. On December 7th, 2018 at roughly 3 p.m., San Benito police officers were dispatched to a high speed chase that lead them down US Highway 281 into the city outskirts of El Ranchito and resulted in the shooting of the driver, 21-year old Rick Treviño. Treviño himself recorded the chase and his subsequent shooting through Facebook Live.

While the Texas Rangers conduct a criminal investigation, Treviño’s family attorney John Blaylock said he is conducting a civil investigation to file a civil lawsuit and determine whether Treviño’s civil rights were violated.

“Very often, when you’re dealing with criminal and civil cases there are different standards involved. We come to different results for various political reasons,” said John Blaylock.  “I’m not saying anything specifically about the Rangers and their integrity, but historically across the United States, law enforcement tends to cover  for law enforcement.”

Blaylock said his investigation has reviewed policies and spoken to witnesses.


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    • James Boggus on June 30, 2020 at 9:22 pm
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    I do. I think she should be disbarred. I mean, I think there’s sanctions or things one can do, you know, through the bar or the victims recovery fund and a formal grievance since John Blaylock keeps peoples money. John Blaylock went above and beyond to take money 5k to be exact from a low income family that used their life savings and promise this disenfranchised minority that he would bond her out of jail, and represent her but at the last minute his unpredictable behavior that a truthful honorable former respected judge whom has tirelessly worked hard as a juvenile judge is seeking re-election for the 13th court of appeals said this about John Blaylock: A. He was never supposed to be a district attorney millionaire got him elected and he used her apparent to run for a town where he didn’t live in.
    B. He won a big case he doesn’t really care about his clients anymore.
    C. He has burned out and might have fallen into substance abuse.

    John Blaylock went above and beyond, and it rose to the level of taking money from poor people and promising this female representation and said no after her 5k check was cashed, which is not something – and theft, which is not something that I think a normal unjaded attorney that cares about his clients would do – hire John Blaylock because like the powerful judge said like most attorneys he seems to have fallen into deep substance issues and not caring for his clients. He was hired by this woman’s family, purely to go after vulnerable peoples money. He might be a good friend to his colleagues in the legal profession but why steal from poor people and drop the ball on their case even after he won a big case. Blaylock GOES AFTER VICTIMS takes their money; and doesn’t represent them because he’s unpredictable.

  1. It looks very very bad for the city in all aspects.

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