Jul 27 2018

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Hometown twist: Monopoly gets Resaca City makeover


By Pete Banda
Managing Editor
Residents were flocking to the stores earlier this week after the popular board game Monopoly received a Resaca City makeover with the release of “San Benito-Opoly.” Hundreds of copies were sold as people were eager to see just how well their hometown was represented.
“I was pretty impressed by it,” said 20-year-old Joel Garza. “It’s cool to see so many of our landmarks on streets on a game we bought from the store… definitely worth the price.”
The game was being sold for 19.99 at Walmart, but some have claimed they were not able to find a copy when they went to purchase their copy.
“I wanted to get one, but when I went on Wednesday I couldn’t find a copy,” said 36-year-old Jessica Ramos. “I tried asking a worker, but they must have been sold out.”
The game has drawn interest from people all over the state as former citizens have been trying to nab their own copy as well. For many, the game represents a unique chance for young children to learn the history of the City.
“I played with my son and granddaughter and it was fun explaining to them how important certain roads or locations were to us growing up here,” said Jose Lozano. “It’s a great way to teach the history of San Benito.”
No word on if Walmart plans to order more copies of the game in the future.


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  1. Silver Fox

    Hey SBN, why hasn’t there been an article on the termination and hiring of the city attorney? Is SBN afraid of the negative posting of SB citizens on the stupidity of the city commissioners who voted and approved this “stupid” selection? The city commissioners who voted for terminating the SB hometown boy and hired a “very crooked snake” to be the interim city manager must have had their head up their butt which would have clouded their judgment. And these are the same city commissioners who knew that the “very crooked snake” had been terminated from Brownsville and “HAS” skeletons in his closet.

    Oh well, those city commissioners will find out what they hired OR maybe they know what they hired and have plans to use this “very crooked snake” to do their bidding? Only time will tell?

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