Jun 25 2018

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Sol charged with Capital Murder

Managing Editor
An unusually eventful month continues in San Benito after yet another body was found – this time in a shallow grave on a property on outskirts of San Benito. The Cameron County Sheriff’s office confirmed Monday that Border Patrol agents were able to locate the body using cadaver dogs after a tip from Mission Police. The victim, 35-year-old Henry Jorge Gonzalez, was reported missing about a week ago by his family in Mission and prosecutors believe he had been dead for almost 10 days by the time he was found.
Authorities stated that on Thursday, Mission police contacted the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office about an individual that had been brought to Cameron County and killed.
Police later applied for a search warrant the same day and executed the search warrant the following day.
According to the Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, a grave was found in a farm outside of San Benito on Farm Road 2250.
Authorities said they used Border Patrol sniffer dogs to find the body, which was later identified as Gonzalez by tattoos and the clothes he was last seen wearing.
There is still no known motive for the killing and authorities are still trying to determine the casue of death.

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  1. Gilbert

    This headline, photo and text have nothing to do with one another. What are you guys doing?

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