Feb 06 2018

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Community eager for new museum open house

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor


According to City officials, the new Cultural Heritage Museum will be opened to the public for an “open house” during the first quarter of this year. While the exterior of the building is complete, fundraising is currently underway for Phase II – the furnishing of the interior.
Many in the community have been eager for a glimpse at what the finished project will look like as the 7,083 sq. foot building has been anticipated for over a year now.
“Hopefully they can have (the open house) sooner than later because it’s been over a year that we’ve been hearing about it and a few months since they told us it was finished,” said 50-year-old Joseph Aguilar. “The taxpayers want to see the finalization of City projects like this and many others.”

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  1. memorodriguez

    Come on City Officials lets get with the program. Why in the word would you want to show off a shell of a building ? Sounds like us taxpayers bought a SHINY SPORTS CAR WITH NO ENGINE.

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