Dec 18 2017

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Commissioners continue to work on resolving City manager’s contract

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

When City Manager Manuel De La Rosa was hired back in 2015, it was understood he would be in line for raises throughout the length of his contract. After all, his $95,000 starting annual salary was considered low by most standards. Per his contract, De La Rosa would receive an evaluation every six months with a possible $5,000 raise if the evaluation was considered above satisfactory. Now, as he sits at $110,000 a year, the raises have stalled as De la Rosa has not received an evaluation this year.
“When our previous administration hired him, they kind of gave him a low ball offer with the understanding he would get raises throughout the contract,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Lynn Sanchez. “I think most of us commissioners are in agreement that we just don’t have the money to hand out a raise at this time… I understand where Mr. De La Rosa is coming from because it was part of his contract, but right now I don’t think we have the money to hand out raise.”
Sanchez noted that in the lower valley, a salary of $120,000 would be considered average for a City Manager.
Sanchez, who is an attorney by trade, would not specify if De la Rosa could ask to be released from his contract if commissioners continue to delay the evaluation, but she did note that she hopes the situation can be resolved sooner rather than later.
“Nobody wants this to become a distraction or something that disrupts the progress we made since Mr. De La Rosa arrived here,” said Sanchez. “I think we all work well together and I look forward to (De la Rosa) continuing to work with us.”

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  1. memorodriguez


  2. memorodriguez

    Mr.De La Rosa when you first were hired you had a meeting with the citizens of San Benito. You told them you had the desire to make city officials more accountable and more transparent I have not seen that. You also stated you were going to offer the customer service that the community deserves.The last two city budgets you have allocated City Management almost $30,000 dollars for travel/training/per diem that is an insane amount. For our Police Department you saw it fit to only allocate $9,535 dollars for travel/training/per diem.For the EDC department which you are also a part of you allocated$12,360 dollars for travel/training/per diem. But to me the sad thing is the Mayor and City Commission approved the amounts.I say the city is not moving in the right direction and a change in Leadership is needed.I see no above satisfactory rating.

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