Sep 01 2017

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City to host new music festival

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

At a board meeting on Tuesday, City officials decided to move forward with their plans to host the first ever Resaca City Music Festival. While the festival will have no connection to the cancelled Conjunto Festival, the City described it as, “celebrating the City’s musical heritage by promoting the evolution of Conjunto music through various genres.”
According to a press release from the City, In an effort to both contribute to economic development and cultivate a cultural district initiative, the Resaca City Music Festival would contribute to the following: Raise revenues for continued City cultural events, Make San Benito a destination city by attracting outside dollars, and Instill San Benito Pride in the community Enhance Quality of Life for residents.”
The festival is currently scheduled for October 21, 2017 and sponsors are already being sought. At the meeting, commissioners also agreed to allow alcohol to be sold at the event.

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