Police confirm the identity of body found in Resaca

San Benito Police have confirmed the body they found in the Resaca early Tuesday morning was that of missing San Benito native Augustine Andrade. The elderly man had been reportedly missing since Saturday, August 26.

Police Chief Michal Galvan said officers and firefighters were sent to check in the Resaca off the frontage road near Corrall Street.  According to Galvan, officers first searched the area last night before returning again in the morning.  The witness alerted police by describing Andrade to a tee.

“The witness was able to describe the color of Andrade’s clothes, which we hadn’t disclosed to anybody, as well as a physical description that matched Andrade perfectly,” said Galvan. “We eventually found the body of Mr. Andrade in the water under the bridge.”

Galvan added that the Resaca waters are notoriously dangerous and urges anybody who sees someone in the Resaca should call police immediately.

“The witness we had said that he approached Mr. Andrade to ask what he was doing in the water (Andrade) motioned with his hands that he was fishing,” said Galvan. “It’s an extremely unfortunate situation, but as of right now there’s no indication of a struggle or of foul play.”

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