Aug 09 2017

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Fire Chief Raul Zuniga placed on administrative leave

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According to a press release from the City of San Benito, Fire Chief Raul Zuniga has been put on administrative leave. The press release is included below.


“San Benito City Manager Manuel De La Rosa confirmed today that he placed Fire Chief Raul Zuniga on administrative leave with pay, effective Aug. 8, 2017 at 4:30 p.m., based on allegations made against him.

The City Manager has kept the City Commission informed on this matter.

City administration holds all employees accountable to legal standards while ensuring their due process, as afforded under the law.

Zuniga will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation involving the allegations, De La Rosa said.

In the interim, Captain Boris Esparza has been named lead captain of the fire department to oversee fire prevention/suppression and employee scheduling matters, while Police Chief Michael Galvan has been assigned law enforcement-related activities such as arson and other potential investigations. City Manager De La Rosa will serve as administrator for all personnel issues within the department.

As this is a personnel matter, the City will have no further comment on the matter at this time.

Chief Zuniga

SBFD Operations Chief Raul Zuniga

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  1. memorodriguez

    I have a prediction. Chief Zuniga will get demoted or let go and Chief Galvan will Head both police and fire departments. The Orlando Garcia thing all over.

  2. memorodriguez

    In our city 1&1 is 0. The reason i say this you have the Fire Chief that was placed on administrative leave by the city manager for allegations made against him. Didn’t the Police Chief have some allegations filed against him by his own Police Officers ? The Police Chief was never placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the city managers investigation. Looks like the city manager is bias with his discipline. The sad thing is the Mayor and City Commission is allowing this to happen. What a shame what our city has become.

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