Jul 13 2017

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City Manager evaluation pushed back till November

By Pete Banda
Managing Editor

According to the contract he signed when he was hired, City Manager Manuel De La Rosa must adhere to annual evaluations. De La Rosa is required to put his evaluation on city agendas, but the Commission can choose to postpone the evaluations at their own discretion. While they have pushed back the evaluation the pat two times, they have reportedly agreed to a November date for the evaluation.
Late last year, the Commission opted to approve a new three-year contract with De La Rosa, with a new base salary and terms that included a $5,000 salary increase based on an “above satisfactory” performance evaluation conducted at the July 19, 2016 Commission meeting.
According to a press release from the City, Commissioners are expected to develop and deliver a set of goals to City Manager Manuel De La Rosa in the near future as a precursor to his annual performance evaluation.
The performance of the City Manager is reviewed by the Commission annually. Mr. De La Rosa’s evaluation is expected to be conducted in November, according to the terms of his contract, giving the Commission about four months to observe and evaluate his performance measured against the goals.
The process is constructive, providing not only an examination of past performance but guidance for future efforts by the City Manager, according to Martha McClain, director of public relations for the City.
Our elected officials know that the needs of any city often change over time and priorities are likely to shift with each election, McClain said. “This process will allow the Commission to clearly communicate to De La Rosa exactly what it expects and wants. As the employer, each new City Commission has the duty to relate to their employee, the City Manager, their desire for him to focus on particular community needs, projects or priorities,” she said.

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  1. memorodriguez

    Mr. De La Rosa what became of the complex investigation the city and police department launched on X-EDC Director Solomon Torres ? What is to become of the Police Chief investigation you are conducting ? The citizens of San Benito are ENTITLED TO TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY .

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