May 31 2017

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Commission to hold Special Meeting tonight for consultation with attorney about leaked police tapes

Staff Report

The City Commission has scheduled a Special City Meeting Wednesday night where they could address the leaked recordings of Police Chief Michael Galvan. Commissioners will meet in closed session with Attorney Ricardo Morado “to seek legal advice” about the recordings.

Galvan confirmed on May 25 that recordings of his had been downloaded from the Police Department’s computer system. After the incident, Galvan noted that he was planning to launch an internal investigation and that said the person who accessed and distributed the recordings and those who possess them could face felony charges of tampering with evidence.

Galvan stated that he would record conversations to help bolster police investigations.

City Commissioner Esteban Rodriguez requested the meeting so the City Commission could discuss Galvan’s recordings of police officers and citizens.

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  1. joe f rodriguez


    This may disappoint you but recording in-person or phone conversations are NOT ILLEGAL in the state of Texas.

    However, two exceptions exist:

    Exception #1: In Texas, a person recording, without consent, another person who is a resident of another state who prohibits recording of conversations would be a violation.

    Exception #2: In Texas, a person shall not record a conversation in which the recorder or person recording is not a party to the conversation.

  2. truthandjusticeforall

    “Bolster Police Investigation.” Try as hard as you can to explain how recording commissioners, city managers, judges, and police officers is going to bolster an investigation? Shouldn’t these recording instead contain calls from tipsters? Your tiny NSA, CIA, Watergate, and FBI method of spying has been revealed. Concern is in order.

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