Apr 04 2017

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Update: Missing children located in Mexico

Staff Report

On March 31, San Benito Police were assisted by the United States Consulate located in Matamores Mexico and with their help, were able to contact Matamoros police officers. Through an investigation inside the city, officers were able to locate the family at a relative’s house. The children were found to be in good health and safe with their mother. Child Protective Services contacted the Sistema Nacional Para el Desarrollo Intregal de la Familia also known as “DIF.”They will continue the investigation on their side to ensure the safety of the children. Christian Lopez-Hernandez was asked to leave the residence by the police and other family members. All were found to be citizens of Mexico and will not be extradited to the United States. The case is considered closed.

Brandon Rosales Sanchez, 15, and Alondra Sanchez Rosales, 11, had been missing since March 23. There was a welfare concren for the children as their was an ongoing investigation of abuse.

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  1. memorodrigiez

    Congratulations to all the agencies that worked together to locate the missing children. A job well done.

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